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Has entertainment potential:

Painful promo video aside (Oh look I’m drawing and coloring pictures, is the absolute bottom of the barrel type of video), I checked out the live feed on the GunTV website and LOL it’s actually Home Shopping Network for guns.  When I clicked on at 11:25 AM PST I saw the NRA’s charming Amy Robbins and some Texas looking dude with a stereotypical massive bedazzled belt buckle and a 83 gallon hat:


As you can see they were selling a Citadel 1911 for $519 (regular price $592).  In typical Home Shopping Network fashion, the talking on GunTV never stops and the witty (painful) anecdotes and demonstrations are rampant.   The opportunities for trolling the public HARD on this network are so obvious, and I really hope they take them.  I wish in Home Shopping Network fashion, they would show the number sold at the current moment. That’s always such a flex for products that do well… it’s like “Holy shit a cookie sheet with heart shapes just sold 9821 units in the past 15 minutes… maybe I need one too? LOL”.

Thoughts?  Is this fuckwithable or trash to you?  15 minutes in, I’m finding it entertaining so far… bout to dip for some snacks in a minute.

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