Old school vid:

Good stuff.  This reminded me of a long time ago when I blogged about the Remington factory in Bridgeport CT.  That post about it being demolished was in 2010, and I see there are still youtube videos of that are only around one year old:

Quadcopter footage from 2014:

I’ll say it again, that would have made some nice luxury condos.  Quick hop on the yacht over to the Hamptons too haha.   Those huge leaded glass windows and red brick are straight FIRE 🔥.  It’s a shame it’s in such bad shape.. and the added problem of lead likely being microscopically embedded in the brick and everything in that area.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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This just was brought to my attention:

Oh man the comments… a healthy mix of m’lady types, white knights, thirst lords, and amateur comedians.  I can’t imagine how many awkward pictures, and comments she must have to endure while at SHOT show.  That said, she comes across as genuinely nice person so I’m sure the experience is great for everyone.

Edit: Oh I see the video came out Dec 20th.  Oh well, it was still the newest video up on her channel.


Gat tip: Jeremy


TriggerPoint may not have a working website but bet your ass they still have a product LOL. From SHOT a couple days ago:

That Trigger Point guy should win an Oscar for his straight faced sales pitch of the product’s features.  The sad thing is he believes every word of it.

1:40 – Whoa guys hold on a sec, this one is for “Snipers; really high-end users”. *product sells out immediately*

The guy at the end of the video sums it up perfectly, I’m glad that part was also filmed and added in although I wish they would have confronted Trigger Point guy directly about the derp. Sounds like that would have been a great task for Phuc Long right?

If you want to see the first post I did on TriggerPoint, it has another derpy demonstration and a humorous instructional video.


Gat tip: Kevin


oprah-derp-faceI’m not going to SHOT again this year.  Nice to hear from so many of you wanting to meet up though.  Maybe some year I’ll check it out!

To all of you going, I hope you have a blast.


Mattv2099 got festive:

futurama_santa-gun3:57 – LOL.  That should be a selectable feature… firing the slide off.

I can’t help but be reminded when I watch his vids, why I always buy new rather than used items.

What do you think the possibility that Gaston knows who Mattv2099 is?  I think it’s quite possible.  I’d love to see them meet a SHOT some year, and Gaston be like a real gentleman about it and a huge fanboy and want a picture with Matt.  He would then offer to fly Matt out to Austria to see production and give one of every new model that ever comes out for his own Trollture T&E, as long as he reports back with the results.


Make sure to look for him there:

Oh wait… *scratches head* maybe he isn’t.  I can’t be sure after hearing the song. Maybe head over to his YouTube channel and ask him.

FXhummel1-YouTube-Gun-SongsYou can grab the M16 fire selector switch t-shirt he’s wearing, from ENDO Apparel if you’re interested.