Make sure to look for him there:

Oh wait… *scratches head* maybe he isn’t.  I can’t be sure after hearing the song. Maybe head over to his YouTube channel and ask him.

FXhummel1-YouTube-Gun-SongsYou can grab the M16 fire selector switch t-shirt he’s wearing, from ENDO Apparel if you’re interested.



Cowards, price gougers, and gun control people beware:

So the Cheaper Than Dirt store in TX and the online store are two completely different companies?  Since when?  The retial store is even listed on their website, so they obviously are not in competition with one another.

Smith & Wesson signed a deal with the devil with Clinton and for years and years and years and years and yeaaaaaaarrrrrs I wouldn’t TOUCH Smith & Wesson products.  There was a bunch of changes there at Smith and they got back on board, so I got back on board with Smith.

He talked about the S&W shield for a while there, so much that I figured he was on the payroll… who knows though maybe he just really likes the gun?

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedOn a related not, anyone have a Yeager body count # for me yet?  I’m sure he’s been called a coward a least a few times since he removed his “call out” video where he “lost his shit” on camera.  If the coward related body count is still at zero, I’m sure he will be able to get his numbers up at SHOT (this January) where I imagine he will be trolled at least a few times.



A dude with a DSLR and a Killer eye for shot composition:

I became familiar with SMGLee when I came across his photo coverage of the SHOT show in 2009.   In my opinion, SMGLee continues to be one of the few guys that can actually take a picture there worth looking at.  

You can check out his coverage of the 2012 SHOT show on to see what I mean.

Good to see he’s into video now too, his skills obviously translate quite well. I’m not sure if the above video was actually shot with a DSLR, but it might be. That slow motion looks almost too good though, which makes me think something else was used.



Youtuber WeaponsEducation is pissed because he got snubbed by Ed at SHOT:

He takes a while to get to the point, but anyways Ed wouldn’t give him an interview… now here’s my problem, and i’ll partially defend Ed because of it:

At 1:55 Tom from Weapons Education talks about how he gave Ed Brown the old come over here and talk to me cause I’m important fingers, no not a friendly wave, but an arrogant “come here”.  Now if I was Ed, that would have pissed me off from the get go too.  He’s an old man, not a dog or child.

Where Ed does trip up though is talking shit about the relevance of the Internet.  Yea I get it your old, and don’t understand how powerful it is as a business and marketing tool, this is evidenced by your website which coincidentally looks like it could have been made in 1911.  Seriously, though rather then telling people that  you don’t care about publicity and the internet because your firearms are sold out for the year maybe just politely say you’re not comfortable being on camera.  Nothing would be so bad about that.  But to tell the whole internet to go to hell?  Yea not a great idea.

fxhummel1 has an awesome song about it:

I basically chalk this all up to the fact Ed’s name is on the company he founded, he’s real old, and doesn’t want to give up control.  He’s set in his ways and it’s obviously working for him (so far).  Ed Brown has some younger blood in his family, so I’m thinking it might be a good move to hand relations (with new media anyway) over to one of them.



Glock gave this away yesterday at their SHOT show party:


I can’t really see the detail from the angle the picture is at, but the only thing that looks “Glock” about it to me is the color.   They could have at least make it boxy and put some groves on it like slide serrations, made the exhaust looks like a barrel, matted the engine block etc…

This is where I predict the content of the comments:

  • “Can it sneak through airport metal detectors?”
  • “Does it backfire (kaboom!) from time to the time?”
  • “Is it mostly plastic?”
  • “Is it uncomfortable as hell to ride?”
  • “Does it refuse to rust and beat the 1911 model motorcycles in every aspect but old world appeal?”  <— I know no one would say this but me haha

Matte black really does it for me!  My dream car is a Matte black Lamborghini Aventador, with matte black rims, and a black leather/suede  interior.    Or as we say, “black on black on black”.

Thoughts?  Any of you bike guys know the model they used?


Yep, this is one way to open it up:

The company did the same thing with an original iPad last year, and got 392,000 views from the video.

Quite a bit of advertising for their tax service for $500.