Offset-sighted Cruiser Shotgun.  This is something new to me.  The method:

From his description:

Notice how high I am holding the shotgun? There is a reflex sight mounted on the other side and it works really well. The gun recoils alongside my face with a couple of inches of clearance. I made that.

I designed the setup with active shooter response in mind. Loaded with buckshot it is, in my view, superior to any handgun (it is actually a kind of super-handgun).

The setup with the side mounted red dot:

This is from Gary Michael Church at Ice On The Moon, where he has a full post that goes into more detail about how and why.

Hmmmm, I don’t know fellas 🤔… thoughts?  I don’t think I’d even want to attempt that method with buckshot as he suggests (much less even birdshot).

Gat tip: Brains and Looks


I’m pretty much at peak COVID-19 meme consumption, but I’ll allow this:

The bruther did what had to be done. I’m not mad at it.

Thoughts?  You tiring of Corona virus memes and jokes at this point too?


Good effort on the short video:

$2350 MSRP, and it comes in around a dozen configurations.  Since I’m more into flexing that bird hunting, if I had that much money burning a hole in my pocket I’d pick one up and shorten the barrel and the stock like the guy did to a Franchi 12Ga… absolute beauty.

I want to see more of the silver mechanical rat with wings.



Old school vid:

Good stuff.  This reminded me of a long time ago when I blogged about the Remington factory in Bridgeport CT.  That post about it being demolished was in 2010, and I see there are still youtube videos of that are only around one year old:

Quadcopter footage from 2014:

I’ll say it again, that would have made some nice luxury condos.  Quick hop on the yacht over to the Hamptons too haha.   Those huge leaded glass windows and red brick are straight FIRE 🔥.  It’s a shame it’s in such bad shape.. and the added problem of lead likely being microscopically embedded in the brick and everything in that area.



Stuntin on us:

When I saw “freestyle” in the title I was really hoping he was going to drop a verse 🎤.

That might be old footage, I’m not sure.  Zero kind of fell off the map as far as YouTube goes.  My guess it’s because he seemingly does a lot of training now worldwide.  We need the old  suffocation and freozen hand shooting Zero back to tear the gun related internet a new one.  Sadly it’s probably the same old story about “demonetization” not making it worthwhile anymore.



The kid is back at it.  Talking about his plans for the homemade AA-12:

Should be awesome. It will almost definitely look “rough” like the rest of his firearms, but that really adds to the character if you ask me.

He has the correct licenses to legally build automatic firearms now, so the world is his oyster.