The kid is back at it.  Talking about his plans for the homemade AA-12:

Should be awesome. It will almost definitely look “rough” like the rest of his firearms, but that really adds to the character if you ask me.

He has the correct licenses to legally build automatic firearms now, so the world is his oyster.



ahahhaha oh man this SBS:

This is some good content.  If I had more time on my hands, and a machine shop I would do dumb stuff like this (legally of course) non stop.

HOLY this guy has almost 8.7M views on the video.  Well deserved.  That tax stamp was worth every penny.  The video is surprisingly (to me anyway, over a year old)… seems to have made traction again lately because of his July 2018 update video (the 2nd video in this post) where he shoots it over and over again by hand this time. Both videos are quite long (if you’re impatient like me), but he does do a lot in them.



Videos filmed on a roast beef sandwich.  The product looks alright though:

A demonstration:

The two sided tape revelation in the first video had me like “whos mans haha?”.  I don’t know anything about speed shooting, but it looks like it works.  Are accessories like this legal in things like 3 gun though? It seems that’s what they are marketing it towards. For some reason I thought people used tubes filled with shells which they just stripped off into the shotgun in one push. Oh yea… well since I was thinking out loud here’s that product in action:

The first product in this post sells for between $60 and $66 over at Stage Berner. Which one do you like better product #1 or #2?

Thoughts?  You gonna burn some stages with this thing 🔥 or what?

Gat tip: ohthatdudematt


The piehitters above all other groups will love this:

I knew he was going to touch on the “BAD GUYS GONNA SEE MUH LIGHT” complaint, and he did at 1:41.  Cool stuff regardless.

Here’s Go Gauge’s own promo video showing how law enforcement will love it, and so will moms:

You can pick one up for $20 on the Go Gauge Tactical website.



Daaaaaaaamn.  Note you’ll feel a bit dumber after watching this:

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Pfft I’m not going to give you 3 reasons, what site do you think you’re on?  That was just to make fun of all the blog sites who are still jumping on the “OMG LISTS FOR SEO” / clickbait titles bandwagon.  So cringey.  That aside, I don’t know who this guy is, or what happened in his life but damn.


Gat tip: darkenergy_2a


Yung back at it:

1:48 – Whoa…. he’s like a foot away from that thing with no safety protection of any kind. Damn!  Unsurprisingly, people are freaking out in the YouTube comments.

3:22 – Setup with the trip wire

Here he shows how to make them:

I had no idea this was legal.  I’m no lawyer, but I’d imagine depending on the state you live in things could get VERY dicey legally for you if you do this and hurt someone.

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