shoulder fired

Royal Nonesuch could retire right now, and he would be forever in the hall of fame for this one:

LOL really.  The recoil as he said must be insane.

1:50 – LOL climbs the rock face. Yung Batman.

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOI wonder who is camera operator is.  $10 says it’s his concerned “cool mom”, who also happens to be a single attractive (35-40 year old) doctor at the local hospital.  She knows the risks involved with Royal Nonesuch’s shenanigans but loves how creative he is.  She’s there for camera, and medical support, knowing his hobby holds a promising future if he keeps it up.  Royal Nonesuch I’m going to find your mom on Tinder, and be your step dad.  Belee dat *Birdman voice*.



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