Shoulder thing

Worn by Russian born pop artist Sasha Gradiva:

Source – Idolator

I’m sure some people are obsessed with her music, because she IS at the grammys.  I youtubed her as I was putting this post together, and I am not impressed.

From what I can gather, she’s a less attractive, less talented, more annoying version of Madonna.   Gotta respect the dress though, she knows the way to an American’s heart.   It would have been more shocking if Lady Gaga didn’t already do something similar though.

What a visionary whoever put this together was *eye roll*. I’m sure they are getting paid way too much.

Hat tip: Doyle who was awesome enough to pull me some pics live off his DVR.  I would have used them but these ones were clearer.



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See her narrowly escape a “shoulder thing that goes up” incident:

Sure she might be pro gun… but bottom line is she’s just another politician in it for her own personal gain.

It’s obvious she’s talking about something she has little more than a basic understanding of.  I’m not going to be so ignorant as to blame it on the fact that shes a woman, because lots of women would be able to tell you how many rounds a standard AR-15 magazine holds… that’s basic stuff.  It’s not like the interviewer asked her the difference between a milspec and commercial buffer tube.

Things like this are exactly why I avoid politics and politicians.   Sarah Palin is one in the same when it comes to “look at me, I like guns! Vote for me if you do too!”


Hat tip: Heath


I only have one thing to say about this…


Ahhhhhhhhhh GET TO DA CHOPPA, it’s got a shoulder thing that goes up!


Big thanks to N. Anderson for the Joke!

If you’re not familiar with the “shoulder thing that goes up” joke see HERE.