Complete with shovel handle:

His 10 round group at 50 yards:

Cost breakdown:

  • Shit shovel: $2
  • Romy sans-barrel AK kit: $200
  • Barrel blank: $30

Probably one of the most epic things I’ve ever seen or heard regarding firearms.

Check out the full thread over at North East Shooters for tons of pics and the back story.

If you have an account on North East Shooters please tell that guy to contact me, I’d like to send him a complimentary ENDO Apparel AK-47 fire selector switch t-shirt for being so awesome at life.  (New stock arriving soon for those of you who want a size I don’t currently have… get on the notification list)

Well well more proof that you can’t ban guns unless you ban metal, shovels, fire, wood etc… hahah

The same guy also built a PPSh too which you should also check out.


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This is crazy. Keep in mind someone is also downrange doing the filming:

I assume the shovel is so after they “accidentally” hit the shovel man with an errant shot, they can simply pick up the shovel and dig him a shallow grave.

Dance shovel boy Dance!

In the US we only send photographers down range and say it’s perfectly safe. Sending a photographer AND a guy with a shovel down range is just madness.


Hat tip: Krystian, Lance, and Eric


If you get hit with this…

you’ll be digging your own grave.



I never would have guessed that someone could make an 8.5 minute video on the uses of a single shovel.

Pretty awesome feat of Engineering.   Seems to work pretty well for them in the video.

Hat Tip: Solomon