Should stand for stupidity or shrapnel.  Skip to 3:25 to see:

No ear protection, no eye protection… no brains.  Shooting a binary explosive from what? 20 yards away?  I wouldn’t do that WITH ear and eye pro on, even out in the open.  He goes and fills a truck up with it and shoots it? *smh*

He’s had some close calls before, and his camera man even took some shrapnel.  This in particular, could have been a LOT worse.

FPS-RussiaI played it back and forth a few times hoping I would end up deciding it was put in post production to troll us… doesn’t look like it though.

The rifle is pretty cool.


Hat tip: Kevin, PhoenixNFA


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Shrapnel that is.  It was only a matter of time:


Lucky that piece of shrapnel didn’t find its way to FPS’ designer sunglasses instead.  Although on the up side he would have transformed from a fake Russian to a real pirate in an instant.  I could see him embracing that…

Wear proper eye protection, and don’t stand too close to hard targets and exploding targets!


Hat tip: Tyson