Trust the Japanese to come up with something this cool:

cartoon-shrimpBattered and flamed shrimp hit the plate ready to eat.

The shrimp were pre-cooked (you can tell by the color), but that doesn’t make this less cool. ¬†As usual the slow-motion is what really made the video awesome.

Yes you would operate with this shrimp gun… I know this so asking the question in this case is redundant.

We need an American steak gun video! Shoot a whole damn cow off the jump, and have it end up as a nice rib eye on a plate.

Hat tip: Phil


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I hope none of these shrimp are felons:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

I see on the wikipedia page that they are found around the world… All I can say is DAMN THAT GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE!

When these guys O.C. along the coast of California, they better not keep that claw loaded.

I hear Paul Helmke specifically requests these at Red Lobster, on the condition he can watch them being boiled alive.

I’m tapped for more jokes on this one.. what do you guys have? :P