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The experience center is located in Epping, NH and is a range, flagship store, and museum.

I gotta roll up in there and buy out the inventory of MoLoN LaBe 1911s, before it’s too late.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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The road to the 7-day IPSC World Shoot in Thailand.  This is awesome:

No wonder Max tears it up when it comes to shooting, the dude is a machine.

So many good quotes in this video, the one at the start has been said before and is so true “People always talk about they cant find time, but it’s about making the time.”

Thoughts?  Sig did a really nice job on this video.  The music, editing, and effects were tasteful and useful.. not overboard or annoying like other brands do.

The only thing I found shocking in this video is that he is working out in what appears to be a cotton or poly-cotton shirt.  You gotta buy an $70 Arcteryx shirt made from technical fiber if you really want to put numbers on the board.  That’s a free tip for you Max.

The video says “Episode 1” on it, so I’m looking forward to the rest of them in the series.


Whoa a Vickers two volume Guide for Sig Sauer:

For some reason I was only expecting his book series to continue with very historically significant firearm families.  After watching the above video though, it does look like there’s a lot to talk about.  I hope he comes out with a Glock one someday.  I bet Glock has a TON of cool stuff the public has never seen.  Maybe even a hi-point one someday? 🤞😏🤞

You can pick volume 1 of Larry’s SIG book up on his website.

Thoughts?  I’m always in awe of how good Larry is at this whole internet content thing.  He has the hard goods like books and slings etc… then he markets the hell out of them, but the videos never seem pushy.  It’s just like “Here’s an awesome book I made.  It’s available if you want to buy it.”… you love to see it.


hahah I love the timing of this:

Nice looking video as usual, though they are really forcing the whole “lifestyle brand” thing down everyone’s throats again.  I’m sure it works though.  If you want to see my commentary on their past tread videos you can click that link.

It’s a decent looking rifle I guess *shrug*.  They didn’t exactly invent anything.. it’s a Direct Impingement AR-10 with a Nokia-ass Snake logo on it.  That doesn’t seem like a reason to buy it, or a reason not to buy it.. but like whatever man.

As I mentioned in the title, the timing of this new tread release is impeccable.  Bruthers are annoyed at levels they haven’t been at since 9/11 because of the government telling them what to do.  The government telling you that you can’t live your life as a free man, “FOR YOUR OWN GOOD”, at a risk of getting fined?  You hate to see it. Will COVID-19 remove a few of these “I wiLL nOt CoMplY” bois from the gene pool? Only time will tell.

If you want more info on the Sig Sauer 716i Tread hit the link. Also, if you’re a designer you might might also find this funny… but when I was poking around looking for the aforementioned Nokia-ass Snake Logo I came accross their main Tread page , where they had the one I used called “TREAD-Logo-Final-3.jpg” I laughed out loud because that’s the exact dumbass way I name things. I start off with -WIP1,2,3,4 etc… type names then as soon as I trick myself into the design being finalized I start -FINAL-1,2-3 etc.. Can anyone else relate?



They did a nice job on this video:

My invitation to do a forward roll then shoot a Whiteclaw and drink it must have been lost in the mail.  No worries Sig, I’ll just do it for next year’s montage.

2:05 – WHUT IN TARNATION.  Hellofa torture test fellas… hellofa torture test.  The mud footage was good too.

I almost wrote the term “DubStep” in the title, but then I realized if it wasn’t actually dubstep someone would talk down on me again.  🗣 “Um, that’s progressive-fusion house.. you uncultured swine.” then I’d be embarrassed, but respond with “hahah oh well, you win some you lose some”.



WHUT 👏 in 👏 the nation of tar…

LOL yea is the EXACT SHAPE.  Don’t even tell me that wasn’t done completely on purpose.

If you want to read more about the new Sig quackmatic check the link out.

Shoutout Gun University for Picasso’ing the Mallard.