sig sauer

Flex Sig… flex:

*in before the¬†P320 drop test failure joke* ūüėā.

The video is well done, but there are a lot of extreme cliches (as you’d expect from such a promo video).



Flex YUNG SAUER, flex:

Should have started the video with this clip:

Then transitioned to this background music:

Why I don’t already do marketing consulting for all these huge brands, I’ll never know.

Naturally the top rated comment on the sig video is “Don’t drop the pallet :)” LOL… it’s in reference to the P320 debacle, where it discharged when the slide and the back of the frame was hit in some cases.¬† They have apparently addressed that issue; the M17 is a customized version of the P320.¬† ¬†I’ll never forget how Glock cooked them so good on IG.

Thoughts? The “look how many items I ship” is such a juvenile flex. If you own a brand though, you’ve definitely done it at least once.


Yoooooo, it’s lit:

1:07 – I’ve never seen something so awkward in my entire life.¬† My TIER 1 status is simply in mom’s basement keyboard ops so really what do I know though?¬† OMG I lost it when she did the little pinky caress.¬† 10/10 would watch again.¬† Did watch again.. and again.¬† I’m surprised John Wick doesn’t do that move in the movie #PinkiesUpForWick amirite fellas?

Status checks.  So hot right now.

Thoughts?  You going to stick with doing the dumb old press check, or are you going to finesse the SIG maneuver with the T-REX hand curl and pinky caress?


This was legendary:

It was up on their Instagram page for quite a while. ¬†Naturally Sig fanbois lost their minds…. same with on Facebook. ¬†I was actually surprised Glock ended up removing it.

If you’re not familiar with the joke, google “sig sauer p320 drop” … basically from the demos people did, if you drop the gun so the slide and back of the frame hit the ground at the same time, the gun fired (sometimes). Sig Sauer addressed this issue, “Recent events indicate that dropping the P320 beyond U.S. standards for safety may cause an unintentional discharge.”. ¬†Hmmm well they are saying the drop people are doing (which again you can see isn’t an insane off-a-building style drop… is beyond U.S. standards for safety? ¬†Cool story bros. ¬†Oh an notice the upgrade is “voluntary”… it’s not a recall. ¬†Interesting.


Gat tip: Jackson


“We The People Edition”:

I like the look of it, but I see no reason to ever buy another 1911.  The sheephitters will love the battleworn looking finish.

I’m sure even at the MSRP of $1481, Sig will sell a lot of them.



This guy is hilarious.  This is how I want to see all reviews from now on:

Mr_Organik is the guy. ¬†I don’t know if you’re familiar with him, but he could literally talk shit at the camera non stop for days. ¬†He’s very pro 2A too, so that’s always good. ¬† Seriously watch the video; it’s a riot haha.

I blogged about him one other time when he was talking about his Draco.  It was funny as hell too.