sig sauer

They did a nice job on this video:

My invitation to do a forward roll then shoot a Whiteclaw and drink it must have been lost in the mail.  No worries Sig, I’ll just do it for next year’s montage.

2:05 – WHUT IN TARNATION.  Hellofa torture test fellas… hellofa torture test.  The mud footage was good too.

I almost wrote the term “DubStep” in the title, but then I realized if it wasn’t actually dubstep someone would talk down on me again.  🗣 “Um, that’s progressive-fusion house.. you uncultured swine.” then I’d be embarrassed, but respond with “hahah oh well, you win some you lose some”.



WHUT 👏 in 👏 the nation of tar…

LOL yea is the EXACT SHAPE.  Don’t even tell me that wasn’t done completely on purpose.

If you want to read more about the new Sig quackmatic check the link out.

Shoutout Gun University for Picasso’ing the Mallard.


In a colossal move, SIG switched it up on the grips and did the Spartan side profile for the version II, and also makes the finish more BaTTLe WoRn.  INNOVATION / ITERATION:

This is what the Spartan I looked like:

*crowd of piehitters stands up and goes wild for the new grip battleworn change… then immediately find the need to sit down and catch their breath*

You know, I say something like “I can’t wait for this SpArTaN mOvEmEnT to be over!”, but we all know it’s going to be replaced with something equally as cringe.  At least it makes for good C O N T E N T though, amirite fellas?

Thoughts?  Do you think the amount of LABE that one could MOLON with the 2 would be > than with the 1? 🤔🤔🤔 I’m always asking the galaxy brain questions only, here on ENDO.

Gat tip: Saurocapozza


😂😂😂 another certified classic:

0:19 – “Because nothing worthwhile is ever handed to you.  You have to come and take it.”  AHAHHAHAHHA this is already too much.

These really just check all the cringe boxes, it’s incredible.  I feel like if I went off the grid for the period of time that these were rolling out, I’d be getting emails and DMs like “Hey Mike, first off are you Ok?  Second, did Taurus consult with you on those Tread commercials?  Shit’s wild bro.”

0:38 – Such a lifestyle gun.  Do you like shooting pool and smoking fat stogies with the fellas in loft, after you asked your girlfriend if she could pretty please go have a coffee or something with one of her friends?  Then this is the rifle for you.  Oh and the girlfriend didn’t leave… she’s in the other room “reading a book” (Translation: eavesdropping on what you guys talk about when she’s not around).

0:36 – Imagine showing up at the shooting range with your Tread… in a Tread case… while wearing a Sig Sauer hat, donning your Sig Sauer ear pro then to top it all off you close your eyes on each shot?  COULDN’T BE ME.

Oh and the title?  “Soul of the city” … Coincidence? Or is that because he’s black?

Thoughts?  You can check out my other Tread video critiques here if you wish.

Oh and for anyone who cares, I will not be attending SHOT show 2019.  It’s nice to hear from you guys who asked if I’m going in the emails and DMs… I might have to check it out someday.  ENDO commenter JZStudios mentioned that I should, and do my signature style (but in VLOG form) live at the booths.  I actually like that idea a lot and I think I could do a decent job of it, but my only hesitation is that on the internet I can say “this is trash that is trash, everything is trash at your booth and your marketing sucks”, and a lot of you guys laugh and some companies that have a good sense of humor about themselves laugh… but I feel like would be NOT well received in real life.  I’m talking Borat levels of booth people and CEOs being uncomfortable.  I don’t know… I’ll give it some thought between now and the 2020 show.


Someones cool mom featured in this LiFeStYLe RiFLe Ad:

Thirsty Ian Burns writes in the YouTube comments – “If i buy the rifle does she come with it? 😂” . Holy that’s original.  I bet cool mom is contacting YouTube as we speak to try and get the deets on this guy… like “His email address or something!” she pleads.

I know they say lifestyle marketing works well, but holy is it peak cringe.  I don’t even want to imagine a woman watching this ad and being like “YES!” … “Wow Lisa, Sig gets me”… “Holy… Sig hit the nail on the head again with that point.”… “Kevin remember a while back when you called me a restless soul with a wild heart? THAT’S WHAT THEY CALLED THE VIDEO.  OMG I’m buying this, it’s so me.”

0:56 – Lucky .223 kicks like a baby or she wouldn’t be doing another lifestyle commercial until a massive black eye healed up.

This is the 2nd Tread video I’ve blogged about.  Yes you’d be correct in assuming I didn’t much care for the other videos either because they follow the same format.

Thoughts? At least Sig didn’t go the cheap route and put cool mom in a bikini for any part of the video.


ahahah it’s amazing this exists:

I don’t know if you guys remember my first post on the TREAD, but I thought that initial “Blood Sweat and Motorcycles” video was peak cringe.  This video is basically going off on a tangent, using themes from that video… but turning the cringe up past 11.  I clicked through to the YouTube comments and thankfully at least a few others share my sentiment.

I feel for these people who made this video… you just know that HQ likely created a team with a bunch of randoms go-getters assembled from all over the company with one task: MAKE TREAD A LIFESTYLE BRAND.  That’s why these videos end up being so cringy… it’s the culmination of a bunch of “life” activities and thoughts often not related directly to the gun but used as a tool in conjunction with the peppered in product shots to make gullible people who can’t think for themselves want to buy one even though they already have a house full of perfectly fine AR-15s (except they don’t say TREAD nor do they have the snake 🐍 on them).

Thoughts? . You fellas working-man-all-American-good-enough-free-enough for the tread?  You gonna create a path with the tread for the next generation to follow?