Blog reader Marc spotted this guy out and about somewhere in Maine today. This Subaru driving guy likely hasn’t taken a day off since 1967…… or more likely he’s employed in the medical field (they use endo as a prefix a lot there).

See ENDO on anything in your day to day travels? Peed “Everyday No Days Off” in the snow? Trampled out some crops spelling ENDO so it can be seen from space? send it in. I might not post everything, but worst case scenario i’ll keep record of it and possibly draw for a t-shirt or something.


The DARPA “One Shot” program at the Pentagon was originally aimed to give snipers the power to hit a target from 2000 meters away in winds as high as 40 miles per hour. In the first phases of the 3-year-old program, shooters used prototype rifles dressed with lasers and fancy computer hardware to do damage from 1,100 meters away in 18-mile-an-hour winds. The scope-mounted lasers can “see” wind turbulence in the path of the bullet and feed the data to computers, enabling real-time calculation of — and compensation for — the wind-blown trajectory. The agency is looking for 15 ultra precise sniper scopes to put in shooters’ hands by next year.

Full Story – Wired

More info at DARPA – HERE

I wonder when this will be coming to the consumer market? :P  On second thought, hitting the target every time with no effort would completely take the fun out of shooting.

The article in Wired mentions the cost at $7 million…. that seems like a steal of a deal if they can actually get this type of system to work for that amount of money.  A lot of lives potentially will be saved.