Big surprise no one in the media wants a sign on their lawn:

4:29 – hahah at the wrong house they got where the old guy was carrying.

5:27 – “The issue is never gonna be guns.  What the issue is, is that you got to get them back down to one bullet magazines” – Ah… so THAT’S the issue.  Glad to see we’re striving for one round now… 10 or even the new 7 round thing I’ve heard is just too “high capacity” apparently.  And these are the guys paid to write for a living… impressive!

In case you missed it, this is all in response to the Journal News publishing a map with the addresses and names of all pistol permit holders in NY’s Westchester and Rockland counties.  Ironic that a lot of those reporters had armed guards because of the recent uproar over that info being published.


Hat tip: Vincent, Matt


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Heh,  No kidding.  Too bad the doctors at the emergency rooms across the country aren’t allowed to say that to some of the people that get dropped off.


I talked about the bank in Chappell Hill, TX back at the start of September. Looks like CNN decided to pick up the story:


An actual sign which is posted on the wall in the main yard of the Thomson Correctional Centre in Thomson, Illinois:

That’s a sign I bet the Brady campaign could really get behind. In real life I’d recommend finding cover, then possibly returning fire depending on the situation.


Maybe they should give reverse psychology a try?

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