Holy that’s a lot of expensive equipment:

Question for you guys… right now who is THE “BEST” suppressor manufacturer of the moment?  Are the db numbers coming out of anyones new cans startlingly better than the other companies in the industry?  I ask this because from my perspective no one is excessively bragging about numbers right now, and seemingly no one is really marketing silencers too hard right now either.  That makes me think that the industry is kind of stagnant, but I could be wrong.

I always think that manufacturing things is a lot easier, and less hands-on than it actually is.  I wonder how the 3d printed Daniel Defense silencer is doing for them?  I thought that was really cool, not only from a novelty perspective but also because of the simple fact you take a lot of these machines out of the equation and replace it with a couple smaller and potentially less expensive ones.

You can read more about the SilencerCo OCTANE 45 here if you care.



Very cool video, but my eyes rolled into the back of my head during the gunpology:

After reading the YouTube comments, I feel like I went full “basic bitch” in commenting on him issuing that Gunpology… literally that’s what most of the comments that I scrolled through were about. 😭

4:50 – Man the worst thing YouTube did was take the ad money away from these guys.  Now rather than some relevant ad being shown to me for something I was probably going to buy anyways, I have to listen to him push some food subscription service.

I kind of wish he would have used the opportunity to troll people by saying we should be calling them suppressors and NOT silencers, because they suppress the sound and don’t silence it like in the movies.  Then people would absolutely lose their shit in the comments like “ARRRRRRRGHHHHH Hiram Percy Maxim invented the silencer and he called them silencers so ya I think HE would know.



For some reason it didn’t even cross my mind this could be done:

LifeCard is on the long list of places that have contacted me in the past (wanting some of that ENDO sauce AKA that otherwise unattainable boost juice 💦💦💦).  They didn’t even do their damn research so I pointed that out first and foremost (shaming him HERE where I lobbed about them previously).  He said he actually only started following ENDO in December of 2017, and that post was September 2017 (very specific memory but I’ll allow it considering ENDO is the 9/11 of blogs… both in the sense that it’s an atrocity and that you remember where you were and what you were doing before you first came thru).  Since I have it all backwards, and I refuse (currently) to take payout money or product for posts the interaction ended after the standard pleasantries.

Thoughts?  Would you suppress one of these “this is my safety sir” pocket specials?


Oh? Gun myths debunked hehe:

Him: “When they’re really actually called suppressors” (0:07)
Me: *see post thumbnail*

Silencer / suppressor is the new clip / magazine.  A true boss always corrects people back if they try to correct you.



This is really awesome:

I don’t know what I hadn’t thought of someone doing this before.  I’m actually surprised some suppressor companies haven’t figured out a way to do this in order to sell them as a novelty… then they could also sell replacement sleeves to the tru pie hitters who would want to keep it carbon free and replace it after shot.

3:32 – WHUT IN TARNATION is this witchcraft?  That baffle design looks like something from the future.  Looked like it worked nicely.


Gat tip: Corey, spec4d


I like 3d printing, so this is really cool, and a very bold move by Daniel Defense:

Once the cost of the 3d printers (which print metal) come down to a level where the average person could afford to buy one, I see the suppressor industry and a lot of other industries absolutely being destroyed if the finishing required isn’t time consuming and difficult to do.  I know a lot of people said that about 3D printing as a whole (plastic etc..), and so far I don’t think it’s hurting anyone’s sales because the quality of the home printers isn’t all that great (from what I’ve seen) and getting your part to be usable and look “factory” really isn’t as easy as just opening a file – hitting print – perfectly finished part.  I’m guessing people don’t want to spend a lot of time in the finishing stage. Interesting in this case that Daniel Defense is doing this, because they aren’t a suppressor company.  This is their first go at suppressors, as far as I know.

They are saying 30 – 40db sound reduction depending on the platform.

The MSRP is $1157 for the quick detach version, and $986 for the direct thread version over at the Daniel Defense website.

I’m actually surprised it took this long for one of the large companies in the industry to do this.

Thoughts?  You waiting for the day full files for everything gun related is available for download?  I could picture my dude Cody Wilson making the news again for something like this… an open source 3D printed metal suppressor for the people.  Maybe Daniel Defense would even release the files sooner or later just to shake things up?