Well done series, amazing quality.  Crank it up to 5k on YouTube if your monitor / connection allows it:

Silencerco has been about it content-wise for quite a while now.  You really can’t beat this type of content marketing, where you basically forget that you’re being advertised to.

Note: Interesting.. the Silencerco website appears to be down (or I’m blocked from it for some reason haha).  Cloudfare Error 1020 “This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks”.  I’m going to check back on this later.  I’m always intrigued when big companies have downtime.  I guess most of Silencerco’s business is done offline, but it’s still not great to have the website completely unreachable for any extended period of time in this day and age.



So true:

The single tear 😂 … relatable.


Silencerco decided to get into it:

You know I have a soft spot for “making of” videos, however why they are making an AR-15 in 2020 is beyond me.  Like I’ve said numerous times, I just don’t understand how there still could be room in the market for yet another company doing the exact same thing.  So this one is billet and has a Silencerco name and lower-back-tattoo logo on it?  Wheeeeeee *sarcasm*.



Holy that’s a lot of expensive equipment:

Question for you guys… right now who is THE “BEST” suppressor manufacturer of the moment?  Are the db numbers coming out of anyones new cans startlingly better than the other companies in the industry?  I ask this because from my perspective no one is excessively bragging about numbers right now, and seemingly no one is really marketing silencers too hard right now either.  That makes me think that the industry is kind of stagnant, but I could be wrong.

I always think that manufacturing things is a lot easier, and less hands-on than it actually is.  I wonder how the 3d printed Daniel Defense silencer is doing for them?  I thought that was really cool, not only from a novelty perspective but also because of the simple fact you take a lot of these machines out of the equation and replace it with a couple smaller and potentially less expensive ones.

You can read more about the SilencerCo OCTANE 45 here if you care.



Me?  I had to google the word:


1. (in Greek mythology) a fire-breathing female monster with a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail.
2. A thing that is hoped or wished for but in fact is illusory or impossible to achieve.

I also had to hit the google speaker button to show me how to pronounce it.  I’m such a rube I incorrectly assumed it was chim (like jim but with a c) then era (like new era).

Anyways here’s the video:

My rating scale for videos goes from TRASH to THEY PUT IN EFFORT.  I don’t really care about anything in between, and most likely will not post about it unless it’s at ether end of the spectrum.  This video falls comfortably at the “they put in effort” end of the scale, so it gets a post.

I don’t know who any of the people in the video are except for Demolition Ranch Matt, who evidently took a day off from pandering to teens to make an appearance.  That’s not meant to be a dig, it’s just the reality. Matt seems like a great guy, and is very likable.  If I wasn’t too lazy for YouTube, I’d definitely pander to any group that would get me paid the most.

0:38 – “Sportswoman Courtney” puts it on an arrow and shoots it towards a suntanning demolition Matt.  I absolutely would put money on more than one mouth breather calling up silencerco after this video and being like “Yall got any of those arrow tip AdapToRs?  I can’t find them on Yalls world wide webpage.”

Now that I know Chimeras exist, it’s definitely a toss up whether I get my tattoo artist to incorporate one into my still pending lower back tattoo of the silencerco logo. 🤔



This is genius:

Here’s how to load, fire, and unload it (for those who aren’t familiar):

Man muzzleloaders are a lot of work to shoot, but holy is that funny.  I bet they will sell TONS of them.  I bet California will figure out some way to ban it eventually.

Next up a suppressed muzzleloader pistol?

You can pick one of these up for $1000 over at Silencerco.