They made a vid about buttons:

Product demo vid:

If it’s reliable and works as intended, seems like a nice addition.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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LOL Silencerco wildin again:

Some dudes jump out of helicopters and shoot guns, others go for a mountain bike ride, then listen to a podcast and drink an iced Americano (I’m the latter).

The video is short, but it gets the point across.


She pulled up in the black suburban behind 5% tint, with the pizza box thiCC windows never go down.. and the rest is history:

0:20 – The voldemortquartzen .22 is definitely a nice host.  I love how it’s so quiet you can hear the mechanical aspect of the gun and that’s basically it.

0:52 – Chia pet Little badger .22 break open is the quietest thing I’ve ever heard.

1:29 – ROFL 😂 as soon as the Savage 93R17 came on I thought to myself.. I 100% guarantee Savage got cyberbullied / e-guilted into changing their logo from the Indian head.  Naturally I had to check… yep chalk that up to a victory for the cyberbullies, they now are rocking a dumb looking jagged negative space S logo.  A short interesting history of the old logo on the Smithsonian website.. According to Savage Arms company history, its logo was the result of a deal in 1919. An Indian chief named Lame Deer negotiated a discount for rifles. In return he offered his tribe’s endorsement and an Indian-head logo.  Without getting into the weeds on this one, rolling up my sleeves and keyboard sleuthing maybe there was some recent drama with the same tribe that caused the rebranding?  I’m just speculating.  If you know, tell me in the comments. UPDATE: Appears they changed in Jan 2016. Bruthers in the Facebook comments were OUTRAGED.

also 1:29 – ME: 🗣 “AcKShULLY Miss, you should be wearing eye pro.”

2:04 – I love a 10/22 in any config, but when she folded the robot leg out and put BoOgeR HoOk To BaNg SwiTch I gasped.  I caught my breath then re-gasped when I saw she AGAIN wasn’t wearing any eye pro, and this one is auto 😫.  I had to be “that guy” and let her know in the comments.  UPDATE: they appear to have deleted my comment minutes after I posted it 😂.  BRB calling 1-800-SIL-ENCE and tearing the CMO (Chief Moderation Officer) of Silencerco youtube a new one.

2:30 – EHNNNNNNNNRE as they say in France.  Still no eye pro.  Damn, this girl is dangerous.

3:00 – The Meat & Potatoes 22.  We’re negative again for eye pro *bites nails nervously*.

3:30 – Calico same as the 8 cats she has at home (ok ok that was a joke, she doesn’t have cat girl vibes at all).  Cool lookin gun.  I’m losing my mind over here still at the lack of eye pro.  Literally shaking rn.

Thoughts?  I don’t know how strict you guys are on wearing eye pro when you shoot.. but for me I just 100% always wear it, just like I never ride anywhere without wearing a bike helmet.  I can hear the operators now “BrUH in a firefight you mean to tell me you’re going to be scrambling around looking for eye pro?  TRAIN LIKE YOU FIGHT.” 😏


Well done series, amazing quality.  Crank it up to 5k on YouTube if your monitor / connection allows it:

Silencerco has been about it content-wise for quite a while now.  You really can’t beat this type of content marketing, where you basically forget that you’re being advertised to.

Note: Interesting.. the Silencerco website appears to be down (or I’m blocked from it for some reason haha).  Cloudfare Error 1020 “This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks”.  I’m going to check back on this later.  I’m always intrigued when big companies have downtime.  I guess most of Silencerco’s business is done offline, but it’s still not great to have the website completely unreachable for any extended period of time in this day and age.



So true:

The single tear 😂 … relatable.


Silencerco decided to get into it:

You know I have a soft spot for “making of” videos, however why they are making an AR-15 in 2020 is beyond me.  Like I’ve said numerous times, I just don’t understand how there still could be room in the market for yet another company doing the exact same thing.  So this one is billet and has a Silencerco name and lower-back-tattoo logo on it?  Wheeeeeee *sarcasm*.