silly string

LOL “Goofy String” … the dollar store is hilarious:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-Apparel1:50 – “People get really pissed when I take stuff off…. what they don’t understand is just to get it back together and shoot it, you have to take it off”.   I think that EVERY time he removes stuff, and I’m like nooooo don’t… but yea I get it.

3:51 – “This has never been about danger or creating danger.  It has been about comedy.  I’m making funny videos not dangerous videos.”  No kidding.

He was the most thorough I’ve even seen him be with the barrel obstructions on this video.  Normally I cringe because it’s like he doesn’t even care.

haha what’s with some swears edited out?  Don’t tell me YouTube does that automatically now.


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