You’re at the Kwik-E-Mart trying to hook some noms up, and some scumbag comes in trying to rob the place. What do you do?


The product placement in the vid was like watching the remake of Red Dawn.  Not to say it really took away from the content, but it was extremely forced.  I’m convinced maybe even Doritos, Sun Chips, Lay’s, and Cheetos were a sponsor.  The production value was nice though, so I guess that needs to be paid for somehow.

5:21 – Michelle Michelle Michelle… *smh* *sigh*.  I’m surprised the robber didn’t have more fun with it, sparta kick and then Mozambique her for the LOLs.

12:47 – Was shooting through the purse really necessary here?  The robber had his back to her and was pre-occupied.  Seems like she had adequate time to draw.  Whatever works though I suppose.

Hat tip: GunNuts