Even though I consider myself a 37 year old cool teen, these “VLOG” type videos are a bit too “cOnTeNt-y for the ALgOrItHiM” for me:

That’s why I did the embed legwork for you guys and skipped it to the point where they shoot their buddy with the makeup gun.  Stay for the slow motion 😭😂.

Such a classic Simpsons episode / scene.  I’m glad the classics are still being talked about.  I would be so lost, if anyone made a simpsons reference that was younger than like 20 years.  That show is still on TV with the new episodes weekly right?


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People put a lot of work into these:

The Simpsons map for Quake III Arena:

Counterstrike Source The Office map:

I searched youtube to see if there was a custom map for Full House.  Sadly there doesn’t appear to be one…


This is so awesome:

Reference material:

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Leaked drawings from the mid 90s:

Probably one of the funniest scenes in the whole movie.  Too bad Milhouse is doomed.  Check the scene out – HERE

If you don’t remember the scene check it out – HERE

Check out some more non gun related Simpsons Pulp Fiction drawings – HERE


Classic gun related Simpsons scene:


Other related Simpsons gun video posted back in September – HERE