Sintercore goes for some low hanging fruit this time and is coming out with a basic Glock 43 +2 magazine extension:


The whole claim to fame at Sintercore is that they use additive manufacturing (3D printing in various materials) rather than the usual machining (subtractive).  I believe I’ve stated my opinion on this in the past, which is that you can try to market that fact all you want, people really give zero shits that the part is 3D printed or not… they just don’t want to pay a premium, and they want it to work just as good as a machined part.  END OF STORY.  As with all the products (four now) Sintercore comes out with, there is a big marketing push at the beginning and then you never hear about them again until the next product.  I’m not sure how that bodes for consistent sales, but whatever it’s not my concern.

I rolled my eyes initially when I initially saw this particular product because I thought it was going to be $400 like their muzzle brake initially was, but quickly did the *not bad* Obama face when I saw they are only asking $20 for it (*cough* my bad… $19.95 LOL they even try to work the psychology on that angle haha).  Honestly for $20 if it works, that’s a steal.  If I had a G43 I’d definitely pick a couple up.

AR15-Halix-Chin-StockThere’s not really much else you can say to try and sell someone a Glock 43 +2 magazine extension, besides assuring them it will work as advertised.  Oh but you thought Sintercore would stop there?  Nah son.. they had to design flex on us with the last point “Developed with Eric Mutchler, inventor of the first 3D printed handgun in the world, the SC1911”, because we’re all supposed to be impressed he paid Eric to 3D scan a G43 mag base, vernier caliper that shit, extend it in Solidworks, and print a few prototypes to see if he got it right.  Anyway I digress… the point is $20, and it supposedly works.  If you have a G43 you should definitely consider making the capacity less shitty (LOL factory 6 rounds).

P.S. – If you’re ever feeling down, just look in the mirror and tell yourself “At least I didn’t design a product for an AR-15 rifle, which transfers all the recoil energy to a shooters jaw and head”.   Ahhahaha I’m out… these posts are always way too much fun.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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I know what you pessimists are thinking “WOW an ambidextrous AR-15 charging handle (patent pending) *EYE ROLL*”:


But wait… Sintercore (a.k.a. “Halix” of chin stock fame) might be onto something this time, check it out.

AR15-Halix-Chin-Stock$50 pre-order (shipping included) for an ambidextrous charging handle is actually a damn fine price when you compare it to other ambidextrous offerings out there… The simplicity of this one is incredible (from what I can see), which I’m a huge fan of.  I don’t know if he could prove novelty and get a patent for this, but I really don’t think that matters if he’s not infringing on someone else’s patent, what he’s selling works as advertised, at that sweet of a price, and machined out of T6 aluminum bar stock.  Nice job Neal, I hope this one works out for you.   I gave you a crazy rough time on those first two products, please impress me on this one so I can feel good about hoisting you on my shoulders *pause* with this, being down from day 1. :P

Soooo…… video of 5 hours worth of consecutive slow motion charging handle pulls?  See this Adriana Lima video for how it’s done.  I just blessed you with that gem for free.. remember that when you’re picking out your first Ferrari, and dodging paparazzi wanting to cash in on showing the world the life you’re living from that charging handle money.



The Auxetik by Sintercore:

You can read more about the product over on the website.  A lot of big words and fancy buzz words and sentences you can laugh at.

According to the website, Auxetik is pronounced “Awg-ZETIK” which really doesn’t bring me any closer to knowing how it’s actually pronounced considering that’s not how you properly represent a word phonetically.

I burst out laughing when I saw the price is $300 if you pre-order…. $400 if you wait.  TROLLOLOLOL sure… so I give you $300 and you pay Shapeways (or similar) <$50 to print and ship it on demand, and pocket a cool $250? Riiiiiight.

AR15-Halix-Chin-StockI think the idea is solid (if it works), but the price is insane.   I thought it was funny that the same guy behind this was the one behind that “No Stock Needed chin only stock for the AR-15” (pictured left).  He has tried to sweep that whole debacle under the rug and distance himself from it as much as possible, even changing the name of his company from “Halix” to what it is now.  It’s also funny that he’s offering (oh excuse me “they” are offering haha riiiiiight) 3D printing consultation.   So you’re a 3D printing expert off one product that you haven’t even released yet?  Cool story bro.

I picture this going one of three ways:

  1. He gets embarrassed and sweeps this company under the rug like the first one
  2. He realizes no one wants to buy a $400 brake from a company / person who they have never heard of, so he lowers the price to something reasonable and tries to build a name for himself.
  3. Someone designs a similar brake and puts it up on Shapeways

Auxetik-3D-Printed-Muzzle-BrakeI really hope #2 is what ends up happening, because I think this might have potential.  We’ll see though…