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Interesting how the pistol fits in the AR style chassis.¬† I wasn’t expecting that.

I’d like to tell you guys how much the SIRT STIC is, but their website isn’t working (Database error).


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Jon Chaos with a hilarious review:

Chaos311Clarity-Cali-ENDOhaha the start of this vid is gold. ¬†I’ve handled the SIRT, and it definitely is good quality. ¬†I think the fact there is no recoil though takes a lot away from the training experience… just pulling the trigger isn’t really what shooting well is all about. ¬†Recoil management plays a HUGE part.

ahahah those bloopers at the end too. ¬†You can read more information on the SIRT / buy one over at Next Level Training’s website.

Chaos is wearing the California No Right To Bear Arms shirt from ENDO Apparel.



Fate Of Destinee takes a look:

Fate-Of-DestineeNormally I don’t post reviews, or in general things I can’t make fun of, but as you know I DO like ENDO Apparel appearances. ¬†In this particular video she’s making the AR-15 Picatinny Rail t-shirt look its best.¬†

I will comment that the SIRT does look like a good option for dry fire practice, but starting at $329 it doesn’t come cheap. ¬†I just wish there were some interesting reactive targets¬†on the market for laser guns like this (I know there are SOME… but I almost fell asleep even thinking about shooting that). ¬†In my opinion the one major flaw in this system is that you want to know where your shots are going so you’re probably not focusing on the front site as much as you should be… ignoring the green laser flash¬†completely. ¬†How am I supposed to see where I hit when I’m dumping magazines mid-barrel-roll? ¬†Get your shit together SIRT. :P

Is it just me, or would that be annoying that the trigger prepping red indicator laser is so low? ¬†Maybe I’m misunderstanding the use of it though…