This needed to be done by Polenar.. I’m here for it.

Good Avril Lavigne reference at the start of the video.

1:45 – I’m glad we got to see a Deagle in the test group… I’m now crossing my fingers for a .50 BMG.

The results didn’t surprise me… least powerful cartridges propelled the least.

Damn, no .50 BMG in this video, I dropped a comment suggesting it for the next one though.

Man.. that camera work and editing of theirs just keeps getting better and better, wow.



Behold the Santa Cruz AK-47 Cruzer:

Custom made for pro skateboarder Jason Jessee who rides for Santa Cruz.

The dimensions are 7.62in x 32.8in.  The 7.62 can’t be a coincidence!  It’s too bad 39 inches would have made it way too long. :P  Maybe there will be a long board version in the future?

The full package with trucks and wheels available for $145, or the deck only available for $60.

I haven’t skateboarded in around 15 years, and I was never good… but this board looks like it would be incredibly hard to ride!

I know it’s an artistic representation, but that stubby little magazine kinda bugs.  Having a full size magazine would just clip the ground when you leaned into a turn though I imagine.


Hat tip: Aaron A.


Now this is awesome:


Looks like it could really help soldiers out, seeing as it is so versatile.  Looks pretty tough too.  Needs MOAR guns though.

I wonder how much something like that would be for civilians? If its in the range of the price of a quad you can count me in.

Lots more info and videos at the BPG Werks website – HERE