The fellas are complaining in the comments:

I clicked through like forty guns and receivers on their site, and sure enough all of them are sold out.  Good problem to have, if they are actually selling out of everything they make.  You never know though.. so many supply chain issues at the moment maybe they can’t even get raw materials etc..?

I know at least one of you guys is going to make fun of me for being safety-boi again, but I can’t believe basically no one wears a helmet skateboarding.  At the very most, a hat / hood will just keep the skin surface pretty in case of a bad accident.

0:21 – I know generally skateboarders are far too cool to care… but if it were my job designing the deck, I would have either made CHAINSAW fill the entire board, or fit nicely between the trucks.  The way it is now, the board reads HAINSAV.  That’s actually kind of mysterious though.. maybe they’re on to something.  Sounds like a Finnish death metal band.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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This needed to be done by Polenar.. I’m here for it.

Good Avril Lavigne reference at the start of the video.

1:45 – I’m glad we got to see a Deagle in the test group… I’m now crossing my fingers for a .50 BMG.

The results didn’t surprise me… least powerful cartridges propelled the least.

Damn, no .50 BMG in this video, I dropped a comment suggesting it for the next one though.

Man.. that camera work and editing of theirs just keeps getting better and better, wow.



Behold the Santa Cruz AK-47 Cruzer:

Custom made for pro skateboarder Jason Jessee who rides for Santa Cruz.

The dimensions are 7.62in x 32.8in.  The 7.62 can’t be a coincidence!  It’s too bad 39 inches would have made it way too long. :P  Maybe there will be a long board version in the future?

The full package with trucks and wheels available for $145, or the deck only available for $60.

I haven’t skateboarded in around 15 years, and I was never good… but this board looks like it would be incredibly hard to ride!

I know it’s an artistic representation, but that stubby little magazine kinda bugs.  Having a full size magazine would just clip the ground when you leaned into a turn though I imagine.


Hat tip: Aaron A.


Now this is awesome:


Looks like it could really help soldiers out, seeing as it is so versatile.  Looks pretty tough too.  Needs MOAR guns though.

I wonder how much something like that would be for civilians? If its in the range of the price of a quad you can count me in.

Lots more info and videos at the BPG Werks website – HERE