This needed to be done by Polenar.. I’m here for it.

Good Avril Lavigne reference at the start of the video.

1:45 – I’m glad we got to see a Deagle in the test group… I’m now crossing my fingers for a .50 BMG.

The results didn’t surprise me… least powerful cartridges propelled the least.

Damn, no .50 BMG in this video, I dropped a comment suggesting it for the next one though.

Man.. that camera work and editing of theirs just keeps getting better and better, wow.


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Reminiscent of the Canon AR-15 Rifle.

Hit up a streetwear shop on Wednesday looking for some new snapbacks.  I asked how much the above sticker was, and the guy just gave it to me.  Score!  I didn’t even end up buying anything, but i’ll probably go back and get a couple Penfield shirts when they get some bigger sizes in.

The design is from a skate company called The Berrics.  You might remember the name from that interview they did with the kid who’s friend shot him in the face with a shotgun.


It starts to get epic at 1:25 min

Interesting choice of music too  hahahah