Strike Industries addresses a popular problem with the bang switches:

Now, according to The Firearm Blog this is just a concept sketch.  Strike Industries emailed me personally a couple times in the past, but I guess I am not on the “cool list” for such breaking news.  It doesn’t often suck to be ENDO-Mike, but that really hurt… I thought we were bros Strike? :P

All jokes aside Strike Industries has some really solid looking products, and a sexy website to go with them.  You should definitely check them out, the prices are extremely reasonable as well.

Thoughts?  Anyone looking forward to smearing some safety boogers all over that trigger guard flare?  I really like the idea as long as the index point is small enough to not be obtrusive.  A real operator has to stay as HSLD (High Speed Low Drag) as possible.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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The artist’s name is Xiau-Fong Wee, you can check out more of her “Animals With Guns” sketches on her website – HERE

Could the anteater one be a new twist on the meme pictured to the left?

I haven’t figured out why almost all of the animals have glasses.  Maybe the artist thought it was funnier that way?


Came across this:

Very detailed.  I wouldn’t want to mess with whatever the heck that is!

Extremely high res version available at the artist ckirkillustr8’s deviantART page – HERE


Terminator 2 is officially 20 years old, so some dude did this:

Pretty incredible how just lines without shading or a background can still convey the story so well.  

This reminds me I need to watch the movie again sometime.


Leaked drawings from the mid 90s:

Probably one of the funniest scenes in the whole movie.  Too bad Milhouse is doomed.  Check the scene out – HERE

If you don’t remember the scene check it out – HERE

Check out some more non gun related Simpsons Pulp Fiction drawings – HERE


I like the tusk as the trigger… neat idea.

I sure wish I could draw. That said, I don’t practice at all… so I guess I can never expect to get any better.