Because her single skittle trick shot didn’t troll hard enough:

Kirsten talks shit about Skittlees not being ROYGBIV as _ _ _ _  like they should be, then proceeds to execute them one by one somewhere in the desert.  Looks almost like where ASAC Schrader was buried… watch how I am about about to shoehorn a rap reference into this post in 3…2…1:



haha of course comment number one on Kirsten’s video was No one to get the ammo out and hand it to you?  I will take that job. lol -TubeYou” YouTube comments rarely disappoint.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?  I’d like to see how surgical Kirsten is with something more powerful like an AR-15.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Made and sold by Hiller Armament Company.  $16.50 for 10 targets.  Stay classy guys.

The only thing more hilarious than people making stuff like this up solely to piss people off, is that people will actually but these targets and use them to piss even MORE people off. Quite a first product for Hiller Armament Company to come out with regardless. They really set the bar high for their 2nd product LOL.

I lost interest in that case a long time ago.  What ended up happening?  Did the companies that own Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea see record sales for the past few months?