LOL when clenches his butt cheeks and giggles like a little girl…. that’s what shooting is all about.

Oh and if you’re not all caught up on Workaholics, you’re just spending your spare time in all the wrong ways:

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyGet em LAV.



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Relevant for those of you that go inna woods:

I don’t own an SKS, nor do I plan on getting one… but this seems like a pretty nice mod.  Somewhat risky, but nice.  I saw in the YouTube comments that they will do the mod for you for only $35 if your not into trying to do it yourself.

I hate extreme amounts of pre-travel on triggers.

Thoughts?  Anyone try this out?


Start watching at 1:20:

They are all very casual about it. By the look of the video, the muzzle wasn’t downrange where it should have been.  The camera man even said he almost shot the car (assuming he meant truck) which is quite obviously right next to them, not downrange… so that could have turned out a lot worse.

Also, sweet chicken wing (pictured left) when he starts shooting.  LOL

I’m confident Darwin will get another chance with these guys if the unsafe practices continue.


I wouldn’t last 10 seconds in a room with this kid:

Also since when is the SKS ever called a chopper? I’ve only heard the AK-47 being referred to as a chopper.

I hope the real Justin Bieber changes his haircut up soon because I’m tired of seeing young guys that look like lesbians (yes I’m aware of ).  I guess every generation follows celebrity trends to a certain extent, I just figured looking like a girl would never become a way to actually GET girls… figures..


Back on July 1st, 2009 a 30-year-old man distraught over a divorce was booked on suspicion of murder after he walked into a Simi Valley, CA dental office and allegedly shot and killed his wife and wounded three others.

Jamie Peredes allegedly walked into the office and began firing an SKS semiautomatic assault rifle.

SKS ASSAULT rifle?  Wow I didn’t know they made those with select fire :roll:

Full Story at the L.A. Times – HERE

One of the other ladies that was working there (Lydia Carranza) managed to survive a gunshot to the chest.  According to the recent story on NBC L.A. the bullet entered her breast and deflated the implant.  The bullet fragments were millimeters away from her heart and her vital organs.

According to Wikipedia, Breast implants are either filled with saline or silicon gel.  Although it sounds unbelievable that a sack full of a liquid similar to water could stop a 7.62x39mm round, if you have ever shot at bottles of water you know how it can slow down a bullet, and destroy the integrity of it.

I believe this a lot more than the bullet proof fat story from a few days ago.  If the gunman indeed carried out the shooting with an SKS, Due to the high energy of the round, I would imagine that Lydia Carranza was either quite a distance away from the shooter, or even got hit due to a ricochet or another indirect method.  It seems improbable that she would have lived if it was a direct hit at close range.  Who knows though… stranger things have happened.


This should be taught in schools:


This video from LifeLibertyEtc. expands on the topic and gives examples on different guns: