They’ll really let anyone do anything with a laser nowadays 😫:

$4200 on Gunbroker.  The only thing that’s stopping me from logging off and throwing my computer out the window right now is the fact it’s still up for sale (no one bought it).

Once the Affliction / Ed Hardy bois see this, I’m sure it will disappear into a private collection faster than you can say CRINGE.


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Chorlton, United Kingdom – A CT scan reveals a bullet that entered Peter Hesford’s skull while he was in his garden. Police are working on a theory that a gunman may have fired a shot in the air from a few streets away only for the bullet to land in Mr Hesford’s head as he looked up.

Full Story – HERE

Lucky he’s alive!  The bullet must have just coasted along the top of the inside of his skull to end up at it’s final resting place.

His speech is slurred, his memory has deteriorated and he spends most of the time sleeping.

Hopefully he makes a full recovery.  It would be a shame if he didn’t all because of someone not following one of the cardinal rules of knowing your backstop!  Maybe the shooter was aiming at something solid, but people need to take into account where the bullet will go if they miss.


Really nice job on the carving…