slam fire

Royal Nonesuch in the lab:

Royal-Nonesuch-HawaiianI don’t know… everything he does / talks about seems incredibly dangerous to me.  Nothing ventured nothing gained though right?  Hopefully he doesn’t gain an injury.

One of the YouTube comments: “If you make a 50. BMG slam fire, and fire it, please have a next of kin post a video about how you died.” -Richard

He estimates the final cost at around $250.  It will be cool to see, that’s for sure… again though, he really needs to ramp safety up.  No more hiding behind watercraft, wearing bike helmets, and rocking regular oakleys.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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I’m always skeptical when it comes to the authenticity of these types of vids:

Looks-Shopped-Tell-By-PixelsMeh… I’m gonna call fake.  First of all the video is HD and I can’t even see any smoke in the air.  Secondly no debris what so ever seemed to fall down.  Last of all the concern and fright he had seemed forced, plus he didn’t seem all that embarrassed.

Slam firing shotguns is awesome btw… too bad it only works on the real old ones and the law enforcement version of the new ones.