I’m always skeptical when it comes to the authenticity of these types of vids:

Looks-Shopped-Tell-By-PixelsMeh… I’m gonna call fake.  First of all the video is HD and I can’t even see any smoke in the air.  Secondly no debris what so ever seemed to fall down.  Last of all the concern and fright he had seemed forced, plus he didn’t seem all that embarrassed.

Slam firing shotguns is awesome btw… too bad it only works on the real old ones and the law enforcement version of the new ones.



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Start watching at 1:20:

They are all very casual about it. By the look of the video, the muzzle wasn’t downrange where it should have been.  The camera man even said he almost shot the car (assuming he meant truck) which is quite obviously right next to them, not downrange… so that could have turned out a lot worse.

Also, sweet chicken wing (pictured left) when he starts shooting.  LOL

I’m confident Darwin will get another chance with these guys if the unsafe practices continue.