slide cut



Kiesler Police Supply had the pics.  I highly doubt this is a “LEAK” as people are calling it.  Allegedly, this will initially come on models: G40, G41, G34, and G35.

*yawn*… wake me up when Glock puts out their perfection polymer rifle at SHOT to trump all rifles.  I do think the slide cutout for the red dot is cool and all, but I could have got that done already at any number of aftermarket companies for years now.  Hopefully the price point on these cutout Glocks will fall below what it would cost you to get a 3rd part to do it.  It actually should be cheaper if you think about it, because they are using a bit less steel and don’t have to include a rear sight (if you’re ordering it without the red dot).  Trijicon sure makes some nice looking stuff.  I really hope they hid bible verses on the bottom of these red dots (or even inside them) just to troll people.

Glock-Diamond-Bedazzled-Pendant-JewelryNow that I think about it… this may help get my targets on round after I do consecutive forward rolls.  Whatever helps!  That’s why I always rock notch hats and derp satchels.

P.S. Guys { *no tactical girls :( *single… no wait, this just in… multiple tears* } keep asking me if I’m going to SHOT.  I do not plan on going this year.  I know I need to check it out sometime… sounds crazy busy though.  Wading through huge crowds has never been my thing.  Wait does SHOT have FASTPASSES like at Disney?  That would rule.



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