slide racking

This is highly roastable for so many reasons:

Ok ok … where to start.  First off, for those that aren’t familiar with the usual definition of Clock Block I’ll point you to Urban Dictionary.

0:10 – OOOO that XD-40 battlewear tho.  You can tell he’s blocked a lot of cocks with that thing.

0:22 – Whoa, so you mean to tell me it’s the ONLY slide rack assist and pistol mount?  Astonishing there aren’t dozens of competitors in this lucrative niche.

0:22 – “Let me adjust that elbow babe, oh and lets slide that finger down 0.27″… good gooooood”

0:29 – Ultracringe at this.  For real she’s fumbling with this all while her finger is on the trigger? AHHHHH

0:35 – This man is doing the same thing.  This ruined my day.

0:42 – Her too.  Ok… am I being trolled?

1:03 – Naturally the two sizes are the “Alpha” and the “Bravo”

1:10 – hahaha “patent pending” of course.

You can hit up the official Cock Bloc website to purchase one for $30.  Wild times we’re living in guys… wild times.


Gat tip: Matthew

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