slim thug

Certified Irish banger:

🔊🔥🔥🔥.  Someone should make up a chopped / screwed version of that haha.  Michael “5000” Watts style:

The original version of Ride on 4s is better.

Music videos are like a time capsule; fun to watch the old ones like that.. way before Instagram, 4k video, huge budgets, and everything over the top.

Sometimes when I’m watching old videos like that, I think “wow this must have like a billion views by now, since it’s such a classic that everyone knows”… then I look at the view count – 14.9M!  That’s an impressive amount of views, however the population of Texas is just shy of 30 million so I’m kind of shocked the view count isn’t much higher.


Gat tip: Scott S

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Damn I hadn’t heard anything from Slim Thug since his “Like A Boss” days… I thought it was game over for him!

Evidently he’s still doing his best to perpetuate stereotypes. Some of those guns are pretty nice though.

I had to cringe at around 3:35 when he was getting ready to shoot the .454 casull Taurus Raging Bull. It was cocked and it looked like his finger was going to hit the trigger. Having the gun fly back into your forehead wouldn’t be a good way to start the range visit.

The LOLz start at 5:05 when he pulls out the Gold DEAGLE .50 …. Classic teacup grip at first, but he manages to pull it off without getting hurt… 2nd scene though it appears he’s still got the teacup grip, but his arms have moved more inward so hes now about to shoot it with bent elbows… then WHAM… slide to the face! haha a lot of good that range officer was.

Looks like he could use some instruction on stance and proper arm position when holding a rifle too. Kinda funny to have over $10000 invested in guns, and no idea how to properly use them.

I think it’s pretty clear he should stick to what he’s good at… rapping.