sling ding

The Sling Ding – Pat McNamara wants you to Lay pipe to be a better operator:

$30 over at TYR Tactical.

Pat McNamara is a 22 year United States Army Special Operations veteran and he says this “is an ESSENTIAL piece of kit every operator requires”. Direct quote bitches.

Sling-DingYo P… from one operator to another, should I really be trying to add ounces to my kit?  A wise man once said, that after a long day ounces are pounds… Real talk, no?

P.S. – I see you’re getting a lot of sun, and you’re wearing sunglasses.  Can I interest you in a notch hat?  Essential piece of kit as well if you ask me.

Thoughts?  You guys trying to spend $30 and lay pipe in your next op?  Let me know!


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