sling shot

Crazy Slingshot guy takes a look at some rubber band guns:

His new workshop looks pretty awesome (He put a PDF up with pictures on his forum).  Lots of room to mess around in.  I wonder if he’s doing this for a living now.  I remember in the past he was against making money of his designs and emphasized he was just doing it for “fun”.  Anyone know?

4:41 – That lever action one is really cool. Doesn’t look like it would function all that well if used quickly though.

Joerg-Sprave8:30 – I bet that Coldsteel torpedo will fly like a beast!  LOL that Bowie knife is ridiculous.



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Crazy slingshot guy is at it again:

Joerg-SpraveI need one of these things in my condo bathroom so I can shoot-clean the stupid low-flow toilet it came with.  Apparently you cant even buy a normal toilet with anymore with a decent amount of water in the bottom.  Anyone know a guy who knows a guy? Bah… I guess if it saves the environment I’ll just put up with it.

2:08 – Yuck that watermelon shot was messy.  That brush dragging through the watermelon brain matter is like an extra “screw you” to whoever you have to shoot with it.