Looks like he is getting ready to fire a hand grenade:

I dub the system “BUGS” – BackUp Grenade Slingshot.

I wonder what the story behind the picture is? Doesn’t seem sophisticated enough to be Russian… probably some Taliban jury rigging.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Since open carry of firearms will likely be banned in California sooner or later, residents will have to find an alternate way to protect themselves:

Is an axe a weapon? Sure, but depending on context, everything is a weapon:

“Oh the axe on my back officer?  I was just on my way to my friends house to help him make some kindling” – Legal disaster possibly averted.  :P

If you think you have the balls to pull off such a fashion/personal protection statement, hit up the links below to purchase it.

  • The Axe Sling – $165 – HERE
  • Custom Axe to go with it – $220 – HERE

As always, if you live in California, make sure to let the politicians know how you feel about the impending ban, before it’s too late.