I give crazy slingshot guy 4 out of 5 eyebrow raises for this one:

As a prolific gun blogger, girls throwing panties up on my keyboard is a constant annoyance… thankfully they don’t have the technology that Joerg has, because it looks like it would hurt.

haha that heard shaped slingshot too.  Oh lawd… a panty crossbow bolt *face palm*.  Ban assault panties!  If it only saves one life…

Shit-Just-Got-WeirdLOL this guy definitely has an ample amount of fun with his projects.



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Sure enough, he confirms the video was fake, and explains how he did it:

Joerg-Sprave3:03 – He used MS Paint! haha that’s what I call skillz.  I could think of a few easier ways he could have accomplished that with his video editing software (a “mask” for one), but whatever.. what he did seemed to do the trick.

I’ll definitely watch his Zombie Wars movie when it comes out.  You can go like the Facebook page for that if you’re interested.


The consensus is that this is fake:

Joerg-SpraveI definitely could see something like that happening though.  Champagne bottles especially are very thick, and if whatever your shooting at it doesn’t have enough force to penetrate it then you’re basically just playing russian roulette with where the projectile is going to end up.  I’m actually surprised it doesn’t happen more often with the stuff he shoots.

Do you think it’s tacky to do videos like this to get views?


A drill, some fiber board, and some physics:

Joerg-SpraveHoly that Slingatron Kickstarter project he talked about looks interesting.

This guy will never run out of ideas.



Crazy slingshot guy Joerg Sprave delivers a silent CQB solution:

I love how Joerg straight sons everyone that’s ever been in the slingshot game, with creations such as this.

Joerg-SpraveIn the video description he mentions that his M16 is deactivated in order for it to be legal for him to own.  It makes me sad that a rifle that awesome is rendered useless.

Damn, those watermelon shots always hit home showing how deadly the slingshots he makes are.

Thoughts? Anyone ever operated in an operation with anything similar?


Crazy sling shot guy with that fresh madness:

I love the way he says vegetable… veg-e-tab-le.  God this guy has fun making slingshots.

He should have fired the potato through a grate in front of a deep-fryer.

Joerg-SpraveHe was so excited that the frozen potato destroyed the watermelon (skull) hahah gold.  Damn that would be an embarrassing death.  It goes to show how mindful he has to be even of negligent discharges with those contraptions he builds… none of them are toys.