A Polenar Tactical short:

I know from a previous video of theirs, they talk about how obsessed with safety they are, so that’s good.    That would really suck if someone was out picking Slovenian mushrooms and Polenar caught a body.

Polenar-Tactical-LogoGood looking landscape there.   Foliage game on point.

I don’t know if I care for this little short film as much as I care for their funny videos, but it’s cool regardless.


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Polenar Tactical got on law enforcement’s radar (in a bad way).  This is damage control to prove they aren’t terrorist in training:

Polenar-Tactical-LogoI don’t know anything about Slovenia (where they are based), but it seems to me that very few places besides the USA tolerate high level organized non-military training, which in appearance at least is what it looks like they are doing. Watching their YouTube videos however, shows they are in it for the LULz and the sport.

I like these guys, I hope Slovenia doesn’t screw them on this.