slow motion

Larry slowly turns it off:

haha I love this guy… so epic.  If you missed the full original video make sure to check it out.

LAV is the white Iverson for real.  Yes I’m still listening to that song… it rides, what can I say?

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyLarry is such a pro I bet he had his squad have all those items ready while he sipped a lavender latte in his Range Rover, then they hit him on the cell like “It’s a go boss”.  Larry slid the 7 round magazine into the 1911, took 7 perfect shots back to back and less than 5 minutes later it was a wrap.  He then went home to eat steak and count money and troll some haters (we call them fans though) on social media.



LAV doing what LAV does best:

This is filthy (in a good way).  The horizontal banana, the ham, and the balloons were the coolest.

Larry-Vickers-Hover-SunglassesYou know what would be awesome?  If he shot a hollow point at the water and we could see it mushroom in slow motion.  3:11 looks like an FMJ which excapes out the other side.

Thank you Based LAV.  Thoughts?


A Slow Mo Guy meets the plug in Scottsdale AZ:

1:00 – The confetti is a nice touch.  Is that actually in all the cartridges? haha it’s like “SURPRISE! You’re going to hit the ground and shit your pants!” There should be streamers and ice cream cake too in a secondary burst.

Oh interesting… that confetti has the serial number on it.

2:11 – hahah I’m not envious of that guy.  I hope they didn’t tell him this was going to happen to him today, and made sure to take him to an all you can eat Mexican buffet with beers for lunch.

This is probably the best Taser related video I’ve seen / posted in a while:

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LOL nice right?


We already know everything looks cooler in slow motion:

Pat-McNamaraPat gasses it up and burns it down as usual.  If Panty-oh tossed some post production filters on that they’d be the gun industry version of Hype Williams.  Get familiar with Hype if you’re not already, and check the opening title sequence to the movie BELLY, classic.  I still bump that entire soundtrack all the time.

When I first read the title of the video as “Carbine Tapas” I was like oh word Pat is into tapas?  So am I, we should do lunch sometime! hah



Walking the .45 ACP out of the barrel:

Mythbusters-Pistol-Shot-High-Speed-Slow-MotionAt the start of the video they did a standard “Neva bin done befo'” claim… Something tells me this has been done several times before even by YouTuber’s who have access to such cameras.  Correct me if I’m wrong though.

What the heck type of range is his filming that on?  I figured he’d have a pristine personal private range, not one which looks like the battle of Fallujah took place between its walls.



Oh Lawwwwwwwwwd those links flying out!

The sound is on point too.

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyDid Larry take that mat from Crossfit?  Note I just gave all you crossfit guys the chance to pipe up again, and let everyone know that you do crossfit hahah :P

THOTS? Oooops dat thirst.. I mean, Thoughts?