Demolition Ranch dressing at his finest:

Science.  Approved by the HDSA (Hobo Defense Society of America).

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Hathaha I love that Mosin Nagant beer bottle opener clip he included at the end.

Thoughts?  Are you asking your mom if you can “borrow” some steel wool after Christmas?  Screw it.. moms ask too many questions, just use it and tell her it was for science if she tries to ground you later.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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I was holding off on a new shotgun purchase until Vigilant Spectre weighed in:

VigilantSpectre-YouTube-DERPThe intro vid was face paced, informative, and entertaining enough.  Hopefully the series they are doing will be worth watching.  They really have come a long way by any measure from back in the old days… that said I know a lot of people still aren’t interested in taking advice from guys that aren’t actual former operators in operations.  Hell I even hear a lot of shit talking about Chris Costa solely because he was in the Coast Guard (Note: I make fun of Costa for shark jumping… The man can shoot and I think anyone can learn a lot from him).

Thoughts?  Will you be tuning into this Vigilant Spectre series?  I’ll watch them, but keeping it real I honestly won’t post them unless I can poke fun at safety violations, derp and what not.


DIY shotgun slug, with a whole lot of ear-pro induced yelling for humor sake:

Holy that’s obnoxious!  My throat would be dead after like 10 seconds of yelling like that.

The gun store guys did a less annoying segment on cut shells a while back if you’re interested.

Absuperman definitely makes some interesting videos (see I hate 1911s, and I hate Glocks)



How to make them:

How they work:

Both the process of making them, and the way they function seems safe enough.  They cycled really nice in that Saiga 12 at the end of the video too!

I might give this one a try.

Anyone have any experience with these, that can attest to their effectiveness?


Fishing sinkers, fishing sinkers with Drywall screws, .69 caliber musket ball, jury rigged into shotgun shells:

These guys have balls of steel. Very interesting stuff!

This video is from the same guys that brought us the lost art of “cut shells” last week.


Poor man’s slugs:

Interesting results. Don’t know if im too keen on messing with that type of pressure, that close to my face though.

I wonder how it compares to an actual slug?

Any of you guys ever done this?