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Good list, good video:

Top 5 every collector should own, says Larry.¬† Oh man those are all nice looking ūüė≤.¬† No modern day knockoffs for LAV.

YouTube really must be burying these gun related videos now.¬† This video only has ~60k views… weird for someone with 523,000 subscribers and a huge social media presence.¬† Does he not promote his own videos on Facebook and Instagram?

Aw man I almost choked on my iced tea sip when I saw the “featured” video on his YouTube page is the “why I’m fat” one.¬† He’s not even really that fat.. more like a tactical dad bod.¬† That said, I’ve been watching a lot of “my 600lb life“, so as long as someone is under like 450lbs, they look like a wisp compared to some of the people in those episodes.


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The legal (not illegal) trade:

Small arms, such as revolvers, assault rifles and light machine guns, and ammunition represent a $8.5 billion industry, and three quarters of the world‚Äôs small arms lie in the hand of civilians‚ÄĒmore than 650 million civilian arms. ¬†The app was produced by Google‚Äôs Creative Lab team in collaboration with the¬†Igarape Institute. More than 1 million data points on imports and exports of small arms, light weapons and ammunition between 1992 and 2010 and across 250 states and territories across the world were provided by the¬†Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)¬†small arms database.

You can fool around with the web app over at Google.

Main teaching point: USA! USA! USA! USA!… ¬†Other countries need to step their game up. ¬†Actually¬†never mind, it’s better if they have less guns/ammo. ;) ¬†Google sure knows how to make a good looking / fast web app.

Robert Muggah, Principal of SecDev group and Research Director over at Igarape Institute talks on the topic.  (among other things, he is the guy that helped google get the data for their visualization.)  Disrupting the small arms trade:

HA! He makes a point (7:27 min) that since the ban of land mines was agreed upon by governments in a treaty, we are almost in a land mine free world. Yea good luck doing that with guns. I don’t think comparing guns to land mines (something you bury in the ground and forget about until it kills or maims some random person) is valid.

Sylvia Longmire… good looking woman but she called H&K “Heckler & Cook” (19:40), and she didn’t mention ATF Project Gunrunner *facepalm + eyeroll*

Okello Sam – (22:25) – The WHAT that? (22:33) – Oh ok.. that’s what I thought. LOL I love it. One more time Okello? (28:42) – LOL thank you kind sir.

Side note: I really like this Okello’s shirt. Looks like chambray, but that style is some next level stuff you cant even get here yet as far as I know.

Oh yea and Fonderie 47? I’ll make fun of that in a whole other post, don’t you worry.