Smart Car

Bro… he’s dead, leave him alone and call the cleanup crew:

Instructor-Zero*Oooooooooooo* So dynamic.

It’s getting to the point where they will probably start filming Instructor Zero eating breakfast in the morning and put up a 2 minute video of it; BECAUSE CONTENT.  I miss the old Zero.



Yea what can you do.  We all knew he was going to run out of steam sooner or later.

Instructor-Zero-Subs-1Dumping lead out of the driver seat of a Smart car is worth watching though.  I like the part when he shoots through the door starting at 0:18.  I’m sure a lot of people forget under stress that doors and windows are concealment not cover.

I really miss the days of forward rollsdynamically disruptive ice cold hand drills, and suffocation operator training. *sigh* I could go on and on.



Normally “inna woods” is reserved for the SKS… Hickok45 doesn’t care about oppressive meme standards though.

That guy’s channel is by far my favorite gun channel on YouTube, and it’s not just because he guzzles the same Glock Kool-Aid I do.