Oh lawwwwwwwwd:

hahah wow.  Remember the shake-auto PT 24/7 video that surfaced in 2015 and the police recall in which they had to recall 98000 of those in Brazil?  I wonder how widespread the problem in the video in this post is.

Seems like HEADS GOTTA ROLL at Taurus.  They need to step up their game.





To match a scene in the movie where the car gets shot, then cut in half by an elevator:

Kind of useless, but the slow motion footage was cool. Slow motion footage is always cool though…

Interesting grip Tory has on the H&K UMP (see pic on left)… is that something people do? I’d hold a beer that way, but not a gun. *shrug*



Another great physics based flash game to kill some time.  This one is in English!

Unlike the Japanese one I posted, this one is not about distance shooting.  This one is in a “side profile” style where you get to pick from tons of different pistols, revolver, SMG’s, Rifles, Assault Rifles, and shotguns.

If you can get past the fact it refers to magazines as clips (ARGH!) its a pretty good game.