People are always looking for ways to make Glocks “safer”.  This one was done for the Taiwan and Portuguese police straight from Glock apparently:

The other side:


Not pressing the trigger when you don’t want it to shoot is apparently not good enough.  Gotta have something to fumble around with.

I’m surprised the Israelis haven’t asked Glock to make some addon that wouldn’t under any circumstance let them carry with one in the chamber.  That’s always been the move over there, and they are sticking to it. Maybe like a microphone and slide mounted lock requiring verbal confirmation that they are ready to shoot, which unlocks the lock and lets them chamber a round. Yeaaaaaaaaaa.

Remember the other manual Glock safety?  “TeH GaDgEt”  Does anyone use that thing?  Like I said in that post… If a Glock Safety gadget was needed, gaston would have added one.


Gat tip: Marc

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Damn, SMGLee why you gotta do me like this?

Born-To-FeelNow I’ll never know the deep dark secrets of my grail handgun, the Wather PPQ.


120 round capacity, but called the “Infinity Mag” anyway:

Banana-Clip-30-Round-Magazine-GunIt’s no 600 round assault clip like Mattv2099 has for his Glock, but I suppose it will have to do.



A dude with a DSLR and a Killer eye for shot composition:

I became familiar with SMGLee when I came across his photo coverage of the SHOT show in 2009.   In my opinion, SMGLee continues to be one of the few guys that can actually take a picture there worth looking at.  

You can check out his coverage of the 2012 SHOT show on to see what I mean.

Good to see he’s into video now too, his skills obviously translate quite well. I’m not sure if the above video was actually shot with a DSLR, but it might be. That slow motion looks almost too good though, which makes me think something else was used.



Picture taken on top of Rio hotel Voodoo lounge patio, KAC’s mini thermal scope in front of the M110 scope over looking Vegas skyline.

The picture below shows the rifle itself.  Not sure why it’s white and pink. Maybe so it would show up better in dark pictures, not scare the girls, be easier to locate in the crowd?

I don’t know how much drinking was going on at that party, but I wouldn’t want my expensive rifles anywhere near drunk people and/or top floor balconies. :P

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