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They did a nice job on this:

Not all that much happens in this video, but it portrays the vibe of quality and employee dedication.  I fully realize this blog is a “marketing appreciation” vid a lot of the times;  It is what it is.. I appreciate good marketing.  Until less than a decade ago the firearms industry was rife with unbelievably poor print and video marketing from both small and gigantic companies.  This has definitely got a lot better over the years, since more of these companies have realized the importance of building a brand on social media.  The current consumer isn’t boomers who only read NRA weekly in print (or whatever tf they call it), and take it as gospel.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Watch these three short videos below, and tell me they don’t go a bit overboard with the unloaded thing:

Did something happen recently involving a loaded gun from their brand?  Those videos all go out of their way to demonstrate and talk about the gun being unloaded.  Just seems odd that this would be the theme of back to back videos, when they known damn well a lot of people are buying their guns for protection and not simply to go shoot paper targets for shits and giggles at the range once a month.  If you’re NOT planning on using the gun for protection these work perfectly fine of course.  Going to your trunk… opening the gun case… finding the key to your cable lock… unlocking the cable lock… unlocking the ammo vault… loading a magazine… then loading the gun hardly works if you’re being carjacked for instance.  The bedside safe demonstration where no magazine is present and the gun is unloaded is another head scratcher…  sure that’s “fine” if you’re not planning on using it, but if you are then I don’t see how it would work either.  I like how she touched on the positioning of it though in relation to how you would grab it.  I bet a lot of people might overlook that.   The hunting one is fine if he’s throwing it in a case on his ATV and not carrying it, although I’m not sure what he means by “basically loaded”.



2.0 brahs… This is like the movie clueless, if you’re still running last season’s 1.0 you can’t sit with us at the lunch table:

Anyone finna cop this?  Like I said recently… 2017 better bring some innovation to impress me, not a new version number and seemingly some minor tweaks to the old injection mold.

I remembered recently that S&W changed their name on Jan 1st to “American Outdoor Brands Corp.” so I was puzzled why this wasn’t called the American Outdoor Brands Corp. M&P M2.0.  Like I usually do though, I just skimmed through the article on Bloomberg but now I see the firearms division will continue to operate as Smith And Wesson.  *Phew* I thought that name was being changed on everything in order to not trigger people, but it looks like an overall good branding move.

Oh and does the M2.0 still have a magazine disconnect as a “feature”.  HARD PASS if so.  I just can’t wrap my head around how anyone could possibly want a gun to NOT shoot in the case of the magazine not being seated.



This is an interesting contrast to the Glock 43 commercial I posted today:

The guy in charge makes the statement at 0:23 that the idea was to let the viewer project themselves into the action of shooting the firearms rather than cast people supposedly from the target audience.  Cool, yea POV definitely does that.  Totally different feel in this commercial than the Glock one, but I suppose at the end of the day the same thing either is or isn’t accomplished (sales).  In my mind, I don’t really know which one I feel is more effective.  The S&W ones are definitely higher energy and look “fun”… so I’d say they probably get the edge.  Granted it’s like comparing apples to oranges because the Glock commercial was about concealed carry (a serious topic), not shooting silly string and tannerite filled watermelons for shits and giggles.

That RED POV rig they made is pretty bulky whoa.  Definitely not your little brother’s GoPro when it comes to size or video quality.  You can check out the Pistol and rifle commercials in their final form below:



This S&W .357 Magnum:



I don’t know guys… call me crazy but I think a 9th or 10th round would have successfully cleared that barrel. LOL jk.

It’s amazing the gun didn’t explode and hurt the shooter.  I really hope someone gave the shooter who did, this serious a lesson in physics and life so he or she doesn’t hurt themselves or someone else in the future.

Gat tip: Adam


A detailed look inside the belly of the beast:

Holy that’s a lot of hands-on work.  I bet at Glock they just show up, hit the big green button then go eat schnitzel and drink awesome beer the rest of the day.

I’ve handled a few of the performance center handguns… they are really nice.  Worth the price though?  I suppose there are different ways you can justify it.

American-FlagI like the idea of all the American jobs this creates.

Thoughts? Does this make you want a 1911 from them more, or are you disappointed that human error can be a factor in the performance of your gun?