I talked about the loudener before… well YouTube trollfessional Mattv2099 got one for his Draco AK:

Snakehound machine has the goods.  Looks like you’re going to have to drop them an email though for pricing and availability… I don’t see anything up on the website yet.

Simpsons-Gun-LoudenerHard to tell how loud it is in that video, but I’ll take his word for it.  Bro do you even science?

If silence is golden, loud is platinum.  <— Please engrave that on a platinum AR-15 loundener for me Owen.

When is the speedcocker coming out?  I still need an attachment to shoot down police helicopters too (ref).


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Unit support for those who operate in operations:


This is top of the line forward echelon unit support that is required by elite operators in theaters worldwide. Specially developed to aid in peak performance and regulate temperature during strenuous or delicate operations, this tier one tactical undergarment will support and protect the tip of the spear. Pack of two unit support units. Hexual iconography does not imply any specific NIJ ballistic rating. Works well with beards, side effects may include increased operator effectiveness and unwanted pregnancy. Specify Large or Extra Large in comments when ordering.

$20 for two over at Snakehound Machine.

I’m just glad there are no pics of Snakehound Machine owner AK Jesus modeling it.  He’s on the left in the linked pic… Tactical Snookie on the right.

Probably a good idea to buy a TIER 1 t-shirt from ENDO Apparel and wear it around tucked into this jock strap to further announce to the world how operator you really are.

You laugh now, but when you don’t have this tactical jock strap on and hurt your junk next time you’re operating in a permissive evasive non-urban high-stress environment we’ll see who has the last laugh.



If you have to ask what that is, you’re not operator enough:

One handed press checks are also really handy for those who dual wield.  You can’t look like a newb fumbling with your guns… setting one down looking at it… setting other one down.  That shit is embarassing.

Owen-Martin-SnakehoundThe operator you see in the video is Owen Martin from Snakehound Machine.  Owen is also known by his moniker “AK-Jesus” for good reason… the guy builds a mean AK.  Now that he has risen (yea Easter joke Hyuk huyk) I’m sure he has crazy backorders, but give him a call if you need an AK.

Thoughts?  Anyone want to one up this one handed press check somehow?  I’m always interested in reducing my drag coefficient (which is already incredibly low for someone that just talks about operating on a website, and doesn’t actually operate).