This pretty much sums long rang shooting up for a lot of people:

ahhaha good stuff.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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A new Sniper movie:

It’s the 8th movie in the Sniper series.  Judging by the trailer there will be some entertaining gunplay,  I’ll watch it.

Have you guys been watching more movies since COVID-19 hit?  I find I’m watching about the same.. a couple a month.


All center of mass shots:

5.56 ($10,000) and 7.62 ($16,000) versions.  LOL @ three center of mass 752 yard shots in a row… incredible.  As it says at the end of the video, the odds of an actual sniper doing that according to the Army’s own data is 1 in 37,037.

As usual there are a few comments which are mind-bogglingly stupid.  Here’s my favorite:

“Way to make killing a game. Nice job! Lawsuits will be headed your way I’m sure.” -Adam Smith

TrackingPoint-LogoWow cool story Adam.  Oh and in conclusion SQUAAAAAAA aye.. ayyye.



The struggle is real:

ghillie-suit-sniper1:34 – Oh shit it’s our buddy Richard Ryan bout to hurt that poor woman! :P

Corridor Digital always delivers in the visual department that’s for sure.


The equivalent of *grinds his feet on his buddies couch*:

080516-sniper2haha ok that was kind of funny.  The dark part of my sense of humor though was like, “I hope it gets even more hilarious and he quickly butt-strokes that joker and breaks his nose”.

Hat tip: TFB


Another Episode of Larry Vickers’ show:

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyA bit slower than some of the past episodes I posted, but still looks like fun.

Larry is definitely more likable than he used to be.

Good looking rifle.