Auto Glock fire!?  In THIS economy? 😏

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GooooooaaaaaaaL 👀😲😬 ⚽⚽⚽% Gat tip: @lekj2

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Love to see it. 😂

I’m guessing that’s not in the US.. but you never know.


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WTF is soccer right?

Joerg-SpraveCrazy slingshot guy still has it!  If you’ve followed this blog for a long period of time you know I have little use for professional sports.  I caught the end of that FIFA World Cup game at my cousin’s house though, and I have to say I enjoyed seeing that Argentine star Messi pout after his loss.  Pure gold that soccer awards a trophy to the first place loser and follows them around on camera for a good half an hour while they sulk.  Poor guy makes only a reported $64 million a year for running around on the grass… rough life.  113 minutes until that one and only goal was scored… now that’s what I call boring.



Interesting video from Demolition Ranch:

Sometimes I think I’ve seen it all… then someone releases something like the above video.  Major points for creativity.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-HatSafety-wise I can’t really see much going wrong that could make this dangerous.  As soon as the ball makes contact the gun fires,  so it’s not like it would have time to swing back around and fire.



Or football ball cannon if you’re a hipster:

UsherLOL cannon #2 probably resulted in some stained undies.  He didn’t stick around for #3.  I like these guys.



[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

Fruitport Township, MI – Police said several parents confronted James Sherrill on the field after witnessing the coach yelling and swearing at the boys, ages 8-10, who were playing the game.

After the initial confrontation was broken up, another parent approached Sherrill as he was leaving. That is when police said Sherrill pulled a concealed 9mm handgun from its holster.

Sherrill then drove himself to the police department to report what happened, according to officers. He was then arrested for felonious assault and will be arraigned May 28.

Full Story – HERE

If you don’t back off, I’m gonna shoot you.

Soccer is serious business.