Here’s why:

Oh god Funker Tactical just hit the TURBO on the Instructor Zero marketing engine once again, so hold onto your spongebob underwear.

So many pixellated faces in this video, so crucial. A lot of good that does though *sarcasm* when all I did was zoom and ENHANCE the reflection in Zero’s glasses at 1:08, and voice recognition at 3:03. I could name names and units, but I’m not trying to disrupt foreign relations you know?

0:57 + 2:08 – These guys do the worst push-ups I’ve ever seen.  It’s like in gym class when you’re just trying to hit the count and that’s all you care about.

Instructor-Zero3:25 – “Instructor Zero has trained over 40 special operations forces units from all over the world”

I found the lack of suffocation bags, tactical tights and parachutes in this video quite disturbing.

Thoughts?  What do you think the point to all this Instructor Zero marketing is?  Just gain more YouTube fame?  I think the eventual plan is for him to move to the USA and try and dominate the realm of tactical training.


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