hahah this is pretty good… it has some guns in it, so there’s that going for it as well:

crazy-eye-pugIf you dislike Queen… DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT ;).



Beauty and the beast style:

Firepower-United-YouTubehaha this guy is good.  If you missed his rifle reloading with gross motor skills epic troll video the other day make sure to take a look.

Growing up in the 80s/90s Beauty and the Beast was really epic when it came out (1991).

Thoughts?  I really hope this guy keeps at it long term with the videos.  The gun community needs all the humor it can get.

Gat tip: James, Eric


Christmas is almost here operators:

5.110:10 – Dat opening walk *bottom lip bite* and she carries a Glock. #Would #WouldOperateWith

5.11 delivered on this.  Glad to see it’s Made In The USA *shots fired?* haha

Gat tip: Eric


Playing the Star Spangled Banner with a rifle:

LOL that’s FREEDOM / AMERICA right there.  Suck on that ISIS.

I used the term “Tuned” loosely in the title.  When he shot that “A” I pretentiously was like “Ew, that A is so flat…. would NOT operate with”.  haha jk I didn’t,  I was too in awe of what was going on but I know some people would.

Musical-Steel-TargetsCatch your boy ENDO at the range playing AC/DC THUNDERSTRUCK full speed with dual MP7s.  Reckless.

These steel targets are available at Musical Targets and range in price from $250 – $600 depending on how many notes you want.

Gat tip: Jeremy via Gizmodo


FXhummel goes in:

Malfunctions from a pistol’s point of view.  So true, you gotta blame it on ammo etc…

FX is rocking the ENDO Apparel TROLLIN t-shirt.


He’s been re-recording some of his songs more professionally lately:

FXHummel1-ENDO-Defend-FreedomI don’t know if he’s actually putting out an album or not.. I just made that up.  Sounds pro though.  I have to say I still do like the look and feel of the original version before the fortune and fame.

FX and his drummer buddy are both in ENDO Apparel shirts.  I just restocked the AR-15 Builders Club in black if anyone is looking to pick one up.

Oh and I was calling him “Tactical Tunes” for a while, but he’s soooooo over that and sticking to his roots.  He’s back to FXhummel.