FXHummel1 is re-recording his songs in better quality:

Having a really good time in the process by the look of it.

When he’s done, all the good quality songs will be up on his Bandcamp website  I still think he should have went the iTunes route and made some money for all his time/trouble.  If Steve Lee can apparently afford a tour bus off his crap songs, FXHummel by that measure should be getting private jet money.

Keep Calm And Carry One 1911Needs more cowbell.  That hawk (aka bird of prey) on his head of his is luxurious.

You can grab the 1911 Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirt he is wearing over at ENDO Apparel. He’s also rocking the Defend Freedom shirt for the 2nd half of the video which is definitely a legit choice.



Not about tactical operators unfortunately, but use your imagination and make up alternate lyrics in your head like I do:

Jim Croce – Operator:

Chill song… if only this guy had a black vest on and some Oakleys he’d be good to go.  That mustache is LEGIT… very HSLD (high speed low drag).

Midnight Star – Operator:

Ahhaha oh man.. the song and video are both so clutch.    I don’t even know where to start.. just check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

Sade – Smooth Operator:

You can’t mention songs about operators without citing this Sade track.  A classic for any occasion!  Whether you’re kicking in doors, eating diner, or rolling down the highway this song just works.

Keith Hampshire – Big Time Operator:

A nice upbeat track that delivers confidence to the listener.  Another good one for kicking in doors.

Big Daddy Kane – Smooth Operator:

Rap? Synchronized dancing? Gold chains?  Hi-top fades? Yea sign me up. Maybe i’m still in “The Wire” mode, but Big Daddy Kane really looks like Stringer Bell.

White Stripes – Hello Operator:

For 2 instruments total, the White Stripes sure know how to make a song.

FXhummel1 should cover one of these tracks.  The Jim Croce one would probably be best on the piano (see Tori Amos’ rendition).  Hell I can play guitar, but I’m not a showman so it would just turn out embarrassing.

Any other good operator songs I missed?