Sonny Puzikas

LOL I thought him and Panteo swept this under the rug, but I guess not:

Pure gold.  Pure absolute gold.  I wonder if Panteo is gonna tell Shoothouse P to “DELTE THIS.”.  I can’t imagine they sanctioned the re-release of the footage, but who knows.

As we always say in the industry “train like you fight”.   haha oh man pulling the video was such a weak move on Panteo’s behalf.  I’ll never forgive them for that one.  They were handed an instant classic with that footage, and they were like “NAH, PASS.” because they apparently can’t handle a little controversy.  Oh well, at least it lives on.

9:00 – P throws up the deuces as the guitar riff screams.  HECK YA BROTHER.

Thoughts?  Do you believe Shoothouse P’s story about the guy successfully employing the method in the hills of Afghanistan?


Shoothouse P talks.  My new favorite thing is seeing him try to be chill in street clothes in random-ass locations.  This one is at a marina somewhere, probably after he finished a strawberry daiquiri and let a few more shirt buttons loose haha:

1:06 – Interesting, P doesn’t think it matters that Mike Lamb is a liar and a fraud as long as you liked what he was teaching.  I say this is interesting because I see people on the internet question P’s own credentials.  Saying maybe he’s not actually a TIER -34 Spetsnaz Lord.  I can’t keep track of all these guys and what their actual credentials are. I don’t know how to verify things like that, but last I heard was that P was a prison guard or something.  If you know, and have actual proof post it in the comments so we can all bask in the irony of this video properly.



He calls it “Just the tip”.  Well… at least he’s doing that and not negligently shooting anymore people or doing some more gay-ass-pushup videos *shrug*. There are currently two videos:

AK Slap then rack:

Train as you live:

I could really do without the 23 seconds dubstep intro and outro in each video.  Seems to be some good advice so far.  I’m not pretending I can’t learn a thing or two from Sonny P.  Would I enter a dark shoot house within 50 miles of him?  Helllllllll No.  AHahahhahah.

At 1:30 in the second video I did a double take because that shirt has all the makings of some vintage Raf Simons.  Tru menswear heads kno. Is his JC Penny Spring/Summer 2013 though?

I like how he’s trying to be chill in the vids, but he basically comes across as the most unchill uptight guy on the planet.

If you want to see how he describes this video series you can watch this intro video.



In yesterday’s post I called for the remix of the video with some more appropriate music.  Holy did James ever deliver:

Train like you fight?  Pure gold, I had to repost. Thanks James.


ROFL whose man is this?  Shoothouse P back at it with the “content”:

I judge a man by how many people he has negligently shot, not by their sexual orientation suggested by the type of pushups they do with another man.  LOL

4:56 – LOL he dimmed the lights. I’m sure this is “a great workout”.  Someone should edit some better (funnier) music overtop of that segment. George Michael – Careless Whisper goes well.

Thoughts?  You going to do the Sonny P approved “Blooming death” no-look-AK-engagement then some pushups like the one in the video with your battle buddy?


This shit right here.  Wow… just…. wow:


Sonny-Puzikas-AK-Glock-Dual-WieldPlease guys, keep throwing your money at Tactical Response and Shoothouse Puzikas training courses.  They are responsible for a good percentage of the ridiculous bullshit I blog about, so as long as they have students then I’m sure they will continue to cook up this amazing stuff like in the picture.

As you guys know my operational level hovers around TIER -18 to TIER -22 depending on how smooth my last op went.  I’m thinking standing on your battle buddy’s chest while shooting must be a TIER -23 or better maneuver, because I obviously have no idea what’s going on.  I’m thinking it must be VERY top secret top tier high speed because Yeager deleted it from his Instagram page sometime since it was posted.